I would be rich if I had a dollar for every time I’ve uttered a phrase that started with, “Well, ever since I had kids…” In fact, just this morning I said it. It was 7:10 am and I was sitting in the quaint Quick Care office located within my local Hy-Vee and the doctor on duty, Karen, had just told me I didn’t have pink eye.

I looked at Karen in disbelief as I fought off the temptation to cut out my eye balls to relieve myself of the itching.

“It’s not?”
“No. Unfortunately not. Do you have environmental allergies?”
“No, not really. Well, ever since I had kids I have had more I guess -”

Karen nodded emphatically.

“And they can develop at any time during your life, so I’d recommend these eye drops they just came out with. They’re antihistamine and I’ll show you where they are.”

I followed Karen out of the office and into the over-the-counter medicine aisles.

“We’re looking for the off brand of this. See, it has this ketotifen?” She pointed to an extremely fine print toward the bottom of the box. I squinted from behind her trying to read it, my eyes watering. Of course I can’t fucking see it, Karen! My eyes are on fucking fire. I nodded and gave an exaggerated ‘mhmmmm‘.

“OH. See here? It’s sold out.” She pointed to the label under the only empty spot on the shelf. “Probably because all of the snow is melting and everyone’s starting to feel it.” Her assumption made sense though I hoped it was because I wasn’t the only idiot who showed up thinking she had pink eye only to be told she had allergies. Karen then very subtly leaned towards me and whispered, “Go to Walmart. That’s where it will be cheapest.”

As I walked out of the store, I called Seth to update him.

“She said it’s not pink eye.”
“What is it?”
“I guess it’s allergies.”
“Yeah. That’s what I thought it was, too.” (Can we take a moment to recognize all of the spouses out there who do this shit? Well then, let’s just slap a name tag on you and call you ‘doctor genius’.)
Oh, you did? Okaaaay.”
“Well, at least it’s not pink eye, babe. I gotta go so I can get the boys ready.”

On my way to Walmart I stopped at Target hoping I could just find the eye drops there and let me just say, nothing makes you feel more desperate than walking up to a store front while it’s sleeting and still dark outside, waiting for the door to open, looking confusingly at the employees inside (or what you think are employees because you can’t really see) and then realizing the store is not open yet. Well, at least I thought nothing else would make me feel more desperate than that. But then I walked into a desolate Super Walmart at 7:30 am, stood alone in the eye drop aisle – staring at the generic brand of antihistamine ketotifen eye drops right next to the name brand eye drops – and realized I could have just bought the name brand version at Hyvee had I understood what the fuck was happening. That is what actual desperation looks like.

Seven minutes later I was sitting in the Walmart parking lot trying to put eye drops in my eyes remembering the first allergy season after I had Abbott. That was the year I rubbed my eyelashes off because my eyes itched so badly. Back then I thought it was a temporary side effect of a suppressed immune system during pregnancy; TURNS OUT the allergies you develop while your immune system is suppressed during pregnancy are permanent. Luckily, the brain changes aren’t – I mean, as far as we know…

Not that I can tell.

Do you all listen to podcasts? I’ve recently gotten really into them. I mean, of course, like the rest of the world, I listened to Serial and S-Town but other than that I’ve stayed out of the podcast game. Everyone seems to have a podcast so finding ones I like seemed daunting but I’ve been […]

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“I love you. And I love daddy – more.” Um, thanks?  “Hey, Mom! Did you know who calls me a dumbass?! Hazel. She said, “Matty, dumbass!” At least now I know Marty’s not the only three-year old in his class droppin’ it like it’s hot. “Last night Matty must have been dreaming about movies, he […]

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Is it just me or is parenthood basically a bunch of adults doing and thinking about a bunch of shit they never, in a million years, imagined they would ever do? Don’t lie. I know it’s not just me. I mean, have you ever had one of those moments where you find yourself doing something […]

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With each day that passes, I learn more about long-term monogamy. These are the types of lessons you can only learn through real-life experiences. Things like knock-down/drag-out fights, nights sleeping on the couch or in an otherwise empty bed, spending some evenings so exhausted you can hardly bare to listen to another story that will […]

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Michaela is Mom to Lily (11), Collin (8) and Myra (10 mo) and she’s also a full-time teacher, but not in the sense you’re probably envisioning. Michaela does something I could never do but have admittedly been thinking more and more about in the midst of all of this year’s school shootings, she homeschools! When […]

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I need to tell you about the batpocolypse that happened in our home the other night. It was the boys’ first experience with a bat in close quarters (whereas it was, like, my 5th) and it told me a lot about my survival style – AKA every man for himself – AKA Abbott’s scarred for […]

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I’m officially another year older! And for being such a boring number, I’m really excited about 34. 33 was a weird year. I think I’ll mostly remember it for all of the aging that occurred. You should see the grays I have to show for it; now, that would be a ‘before and after’ to […]

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When we had our boys, my husband and I weren’t married, we had no plans of getting married and I had ZERO desire to ever change my name. To be honest, I have never – at any stage in my life – looked ahead and envisioned myself ever changing my name. It just wasn’t something, […]

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This week my brain has been B U S Y and on topics across the emotional spectrum. Doritos. Everyone was talking about it, one of my friends was really into them but quieter, smaller bags of Doritos for women? IS IT JUST ME OR DOES THAT SEEM COUNTERPRODUCTIVE TO WHAT WE’RE TRYING TO DO HERE, […]

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