Of course I have new year resolutions and, of course, by March each year I’ve completely forgotten them. 2017, though, is GOING TO BE different. (I repeat: This year. will. be. different.) I’m going to write all of my resolutions down and hang the list on the bathroom wall next to the mirror, where I will be forced to look at them every day for the rest of the year. Seth is planning on doing the same. Here are our resolutions for 2017.

Megan: Read 12 books | Find zen at least 3 times a week | Workout at least 5 days a week | Run a 5k and a 10k before year end | Organize one special family activity a month | Do something that legitimately scares me (at least 3 things) | Schedule 2 date nights/days/lunches (anything) a month | Take more advantage of snail mail and Facetime | Focus on positive energy | Potty train Matheson (ugh)

Seth: Only drink on Fridays and Saturdays | Eat healthier | Be more patient with my family | Workout and stick with it

Guys are so simple.

It’s so funny how our insecurities, struggles and hardships of the previous year come out in your resolutions. Seth and I have been trying and trying and trying to make the time to workout and take care of our bodies and minds but just as we got into the swing of things, we went on vacation and the holidays hit like a hurricane. It’s no wonder we both made resolutions to make working out a priority. For me, in general, taking and making the time to take care of myself on both a mental and physical level has been difficult. The struggle is real. My family always jokes about how I, as a person, require a lot of “me time” and while it’s funny (because now I have none) it’s also very true. Writing has helped, setting reading goals for myself will help, finding zen – whether that be meditating or re-engaging with a musical instrument or singing too loudly in the shower for 30 minutes – will help more and constantly focusing on the positive energy will help even more than those combined.

I spent so much of 2016 feeling guilty when I missed friends’ calls or I put off Facetiming friends and family. As a parent, those things can feel inconvenient but even more so, it’s ridiculously stressful trying to connect with friends on the phone while there is a toddler or a baby (or both) screaming their lungs out in the background or in your lap or on your face. And I mean, let’s be serious, this ALWAYS happens when you’re on the phone. ALWAYS. So around here it’s become a habit to ignore the calls with the goal of calling them back later  at a more convenient time (aka post-bedtime) but almost always, later turns into the next morning which turns into the next day which turns into OH MY FUCKING GOD I AM SO SORRY I HAVEN’T CALLED YOU BACK. LOVE YOU. MISS YOU. I WILL CALL SOON! If I’m lucky, it happens the same week. Most of 2016 I wasn’t so lucky. In 2017, I’m going to try my hand at snail mail and a little more Facetiming. If my kids spend our entire call screaming in your face or drooling on the screen or simply eating the phone and accidentally hanging up on you once or five times – so be it. This is my life and I’m accepting it, let’s struggle together. No, but for real, don’t stop calling – I love you!

My little family is so important to me but once we went from three to four last year, our family outings declined tremendously. Matty went on every store run, lived at the zoo and the Children’s Museum, we road tripped, we day-tripped, we did slumber parties. Abbott is lucky to go to the freaking grocery store and when we went to the zoo last week for his birthday, we actually carried him around so he could see the animals and interact – for the first time ever – an experience Matty had at four months old! Ugh. It’s easy to become complacent and stay home because it’s easier but that’s not what I want, so I’m going to make a point to organize family outings in 2017 and then we’re going to romp around like nobody’s business. The same goes with date nights and couple-time. Don’t do it enough. Need it. Gotta have it. 2017 is our year.

Going on vacation sparked a little of my youthful self back to life. As I hiked along the side of a steep cliff on a 12 inch wide “path” covered in red clay and small pebbles, in sliders nonetheless, I remember worrying about what would happen if I lost my footing and fell to my death – “if I die right now, Seth will become a single dad and he’ll have to tell the story about how his kids’ clumsy mom fell down a cliff and got swept away by the ocean after slamming her head on jagged lava rocks” – but I didn’t stop climbing because I wanted to see the hidden beach (which was something straight out of National Geographic and totally worth it). It was refreshing to feel the adrenaline and to be aware and to actually recognize life. I want my kids to be adventurous and I want them to live their lives to the fullest. All that’s ever stopping any of us from doing great things is fear, so it’s important for me to do things that scare me – whether it be hiking on a cliff or singing karaoke or running a 10k, things you don’t think you can do.

So, those are my resolutions. I’ll keep you all posted. And in case anyone is hoping for a healthier vagina in the new year (because, really, who isn’t?), my mother emailed me today (for the first time in, like, years):

“So who have thought that you can get a healthy happy vagina with good bacteria?!?!? Kind of a good read if you have a minute. Healthy guy & healthy vagina!!”


And yes, that’s the entire email. You know that dad on My Big Fat Greek Wedding and his thing with the Windex? Yeah, that’s basically my mom with a healthy gut – yeah, not “healthy guy”. If you ever go to her with any sort of ailment, I guarantee she will prescribe a combination of the following (if not all of it):

Water, Kefir Milk, Kimchi and Kombucha.

What can I say? I’m the bi-product of a woman with 60 PhDs, the medical stance of a hippie, no time for autocorrect and a heart of gold.

2017 – WOOO HOOO!