First, I’m pretty sure 72 and Sunny is the name of a country song so I’ve got that going for me already today. And I guess it’s Friday, so there’s another thing I’ve got going. AND – a big one – I get to see one of my favorite people of all time, Jen, tonight. She texted me the other day to see if she should get a hotel room at which, in my 102-degree-fever, snot-filled stupor, I obviously scoffed. How dare she? What kind of host does she think I am? I mean, will she fly out of Omaha carrying a multitude of foreign germs and will she get sick soon after? Of course. That’s how we do farewells around here – we like them to linger. Last time she left us, she got Strep. She obviously loves us to keep coming back. AND WE’RE REAL HAPPY ABOUT IT.

But anyway, it’s scheduled to be 72 and sunny today and while I want to make a comment about global warming, I’ll just reiterate that today, February 17, 2017, the forecast is SEVENTY-TWO DEGREES AND SUNNY. If you had told my 20-year-old February-birthday loving self that when I turned 33 I would experience a two-week span of temperatures in the 60s and 70s, I literally would have laughed in your face. BUT today, I’m super grateful because Seth and I are celebrating our birthdays over the weekend by being all athletic and stuff (HAHA. It’s okay to laugh.) not really, but sort of.

This year we decided to host the 33rd Winter Games, aka the first winter games, we’re both captain-ing a team and facing off in various activities. Knowing my luck, I’ll probably end up getting injured while doing something extremely ridiculous that no one should ever get injured doing but as you’ve probably already figured out, I’m a special one. We’ll be competing in kick-ball, wiffle ball, a potato sack and puzzle relay, Pictionary, tug-of-war, flippy cup, shuffle board, quarters and ping pong. When we initially planned the party months ago we were hoping for snow to be able to anchor a volleyball net and dodge ball with snowballs but instead we’re going to play and party like our birthdays are summer holidays – as long as neither of us hack up a lung.

It’s Friday and I’ve only been back in the real world for a couple days so let’s all be serious, I’m really just hoping I don’t die. Well, and that my teams kicks Seth’s team’s ass.