A Special Place is a new weekly series in which we’ll cover all of the special places in hell and all of the special people who might reside there. This week, we’re covering The United States of America. 

I’ve had an inkling since the 2016 election that we were all in for something ‘special’. This week — because one country can really only hurl toward rock bottom for so long before it becomes glaringly evident — I realized we weren’t just in for something special but we are actually headed somewhere special: hell.

I’ve officially lost my hope that I will wake up one day and it will be better. I no longer believe we have time to let the trial run its course and wait for justice to prevail. I no longer hope for impeachment. I’ve reached a point where I myself can no longer pretend our country isn’t falling apart. I can no longer bite my tongue (and, yes, this has been me ‘biting’ my tongue). I can no longer turn the channel when it’s something I don’t want to hear because the full reality of what’s happening in this country has finally clicked.

If we don’t pay attention and we don’t do what we can to correct our course, we’re going to wake up one day in the middle of a full on autocracy with pure evil at the helm. And then who’s going to be fleeing? Who’s going to be asking for asylum? We are. And when we get there, will they take our children and put them in fucking cages and assign them a mat on the floor of a fucking WalMart? Will they begin building ‘tender age’ facilities for our babies? And if they do, will we ever see them again?

If the safety of our children — any children — isn’t sacred anymore, what is? What is?! If defending your vote is more important than keeping families together, who are you and what — please, for the love of fucking loyalty, tell me, what is your end goal? What are you proving and to who? If you’re pro-life, shouldn’t you be as outraged as I am about kids being kept in cages?! WHAT ABOUT THOSE LIVES?

And if you aren’t outraged, what will it take?

Honestly, after everything, what will it take?

School shooting after school shooting. Concert shootings. Church shootings. Countless deaths. White supremacy rallies. Kids snatched from their parents and guardians, who haven’t even committed a crime. Disgusting fake news.
Corruption and more corruption.

What more could it possibly take???

Apparently, there’s a special place in hell for all of us and, thanks to a certain circus clown and his followers, it looks like we’re well on our way.

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