Abbott and June is a by-product of (surprisingly) becoming a mom (twice) – hilarious, right? As a new mom of two little boys who also worked full-time, I found myself with a very different social life than I’d grown accustom to. Abbott and June was initially an outlet for all of those “adult” conversations I wished I still had time to have, inadvertently hitting home with moms who, like me, couldn’t relate to the glossy and glamorous dialogue that had been built around motherhood and parenting over the decades.

As a writer, storyteller and English graduate from the University of Iowa, who’s spent the majority of her career in the digital advertising and software world, every moment I get to put into Abbott and June is special. From a maternity leave project aimed at keeping me sane to a full-fledged blog that has cultivated an inspiring community of parents and like-minded individuals, Abbott and June holds a special place in my heart.