Last night Seth stormed into the living, plopped down on the couch and announced he was done with people. He had his phone in one hand, feverishly scrolling with his thumb and his head in the other.

“Have you seen this Ellen shit? I hate people. I’m done with everyone. I need to get OFF of Facebook.”

I had no idea what he was talking about.

“Look at this picture. Does this seem at all bad to you?”

I chuckled as my eyes scanned the image trying to figure out what he was so pissed off about.

“Are people pissed because she’s on his back – and he’s black?”

“YES. GOD DAMN IT. Ellen isn’t fucking racist. It’s funny. Nothing can be funny anymore. Can nothing be funny anymore?”

Suddenly, I hated people, too.

I’ve written pretty seriously on this blog about my encounters with racism and bigots and idiots in general, but let me just say the joke that went with this picture:


And not at all racist.

You want to know why?

Because Usain Bolt (I still can’t get over the fact that that’s really his last name) is the fastest motherfucker on the planet, he just so happens to ALSO be black. If Michael Phelps was the fastest runner on land and Ellen made the EXACT same joke, EVERYONE WOULD HAVE LAUGHED. This joke is not racist, it is accurate and anyone who said it was (basically all of the internet) VERY OBVIOUSLY sees the color of skin before they see anything else – which is ironic considering the foundation of their argument is that the color of people’s skin doesn’t fucking matter. WTF, you guys?! But you know what? That sucks for them because they have to be having exponentially less fun than the rest of us who have common sense and can determine the appropriate time and place for taking a stand.

Seriously. What happened to us? We are so concerned about being considered something we’re not that nothing is okay anymore, nothing is funny. Our PC sensor is as touchy as it’s ever been. Everyone needs to loosen up and stop looking for a fight where there isn’t one. Ellen is hilarious, some stereotypes exist because they’re generally factual and not everyone is trying pull one over on you. Laughter is a universal language, let’s just fucking use it every once in a while.


As my Mom would say, “There are bigger fish to fry.”