Seth asked me not to buy him anything for his birthday and so I’m granting his wish by, instead, composing a series of haikus in his birthday honor. I also woke up at 6:00 am to cook our very first legit family breakfast at home this morning (featured below with ‘the house tank’), took the kids to school today and set up a kid-free Saturday for us this weekend – you know, just in case these beautifully written haikus don’t really scream, “LUCKY ME! WHAT A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY SURPRISE.” Even though, I’m sure they will x 700. 

The world was granted a gift
Seth Bryan Stanton

You love cinema
And hate crumbs in our bed sheets
Love you anyway

We were knocked up quick
Thrown into the thick of it
And we’re killin’ it

You’re 33 now
And still youthful as can be
Onto 103

Two kids and one marriage
Younger you is still surprised
Here’s to millions more

You own more cut-offs
Than all the people I’ve met
A real man for sure

Thanks for the babies
Thanks for all the love and fun
Thanks for being you

Happy birthday to my co-parent, my partner, at times my nemesis and at other times my sanity, my roomie, my love and one of my very favorites. It’s a real privilege to share all of this with you.