Christmas is over. Can you even believe it?

I really wanted to put Santa on the map for Matty this year so my stress levels were a little higher than usual but overall our Christmas was pretty great. It was jolly and relaxing – well, as relaxing as it can be. I mean, when you lose your phone in the mall while running around (like an unshowered lunatic) getting some last minute gifts and the next day you cry to a customer service person in Target because your 2-set of chairs (imperative to your “Christmas vision”) showed up at the counter as one, you’re pretty much the opposite of relaxed. BUT it all came together. Some nice person found my phone and turned it in. Target got their shit together and found my other chair. And I finally got to bask in the glow of “Santa’s” work with a nice stiff glass of whiskey in one hand and a half-full glass of champagne in the other at 1:30 am Christmas morning.

It was a beautiful Christmas with just the four – er, five? – of us.

Today we are all nursing a pretty colossal Christmas hangover but as someone wise once said, “There ain’t no rest for the wicked” and so around here we’re moving straight out of Christmas mode and right into birthday mode.

Can you even believe baby Bot is going to be ONE WHOLE YEAR old in just two days?! Well, you probably can but I can’t. It legitimately feels like it was just last week when Seth excitedly yelled across the O.R. with tears in his eyes and the biggest smile on his  face, “Megan, he looks just like Matty!”

And now I’m crying.

My brother and Abbott share the same birthday and when I was pregnant, I remember him saying something along the lines of, “good luck, he’s going to have the shittiest birthday ever” and I remember thinking NOT ON MY FUCKING WATCH! But I have to say, I totally get it now. Planning Abbott’s birthday party has been the most stressful event I’ve ever planned. Not only is his birthday sandwiched between Christmas and New Years, it’s the middle of winter in the midwest and while our home is nowhere near tiny, it’s not the fucking Taj Mahal, so we had to put rules around the guest list – family, friends with kids two and under and a couple exceptions for those especially fond of Bot and vice versa. And to top it off, try present shopping for a kid who literally will not have another occasion to receive presents for another 362 days. I mean, how am I supposed to know what Bot is going to love six months from now – let alone eight months from now?! AND, because I’m a birthday lover and believer to my core, I am STRESSING about presents showing up in Christmas wrapping. Super, SUPER grateful but can I rewrap that in this birthday balloon wrapping paper? #nutjob

But anyway, Christmas may barely be over but around here we’re knee-deep in decoration brainstorming, food planning, sentimental ugly-crying over our baby turning one and eating our feelings in the form of Christmas cookies.

I hope everyone had a love-filled, cozy Christmas!

Now onto (Bot’s birthday and then) 2017.