Buzzed buddies is random series where I invite a friend to get comfortably inebriated and write a guest post on any chosen topic. March Madness officially kicked off last week (?), so I’ve invited my fellow English major/birthday buddy/parent of the year and BB’s resident basketball guru, Brandon, to talk about the Sweet 16. (You might remember Brandon’s basketball advice, his love for sweet tea vodkas and his disdain for Kansas from last year.)

Now without further ado, welcome back, Brandon!

March Madness? More like March Fuck Kansas. Sorry for the delay on my tourney blog, whatever a blog is, as we are already in the sweet 16.  I remember my sweet 16.  I had so much ambition and energy.  Here is a conversation I had with a random person with a huge beard.

Random person (muffled by curly beard): “What did you want to be when you were sweet and 16 Brandon?” he asked.

Brandon:  “I wanted to be a lawyer or a writer and marry Molly Ringwald.” said the douche.

35 year old Brandon is not a lawyer or a writer, but he talks to people with beards every day.

I loved Molly Ringwald in “Sixteen candles.” Anyways, back to the tourney and the sweet 16. Last year I expressed my hatred for Kansas and did not exactly explain why I hate them so much.  I am from Missouri and they are good. That is my explanation. Right now they are killing Purdue. Can Drew Brees or Glenn Robinson help them? Did anyone else ever go to Purdue?

I also loved Molly Ringwald in “The Breakfast Club.” Judd Nelson was the star of the movie, but she was ok. Judd Nelson is the son of a Portland Jewish minister. Portland is somewhat close to Spokane, Washington.  Gonzaga has a good chance this year to reach their first Final Four in school history. They just won. Mark doesn’t have a Few more chances to get to the Final Four, he only has one. I’m hilarious.

I also loved Molly Ringwald in “Pretty in Pink.” Her father in the movie was Jack, played by Harry Dean Stanton. Harry Dean Stanton (not a member of the Glenwood Stanton Family Tree) is from Kentucky. Also, at age 5, Molly appeared in a musical of “Alice in Wonderland” with her blind father. You know who else acted in the same movie? You got it, Kentucky’s only Johnny Depp. Kentucky is going to get blown out by UCLA tomorrow. 10 point victory.  I promise.

Did you notice that the bearded man asked me what i wanted to be when i was sweet and sixteen? Creepy.

Now you get my picks that I was not close to picking from the beginning of the tourney. Kansas will win it all. Although I dislike them I cannot deny that they are the best team left. I don’t wish that their plane will crash or anything. If you can bet on it, they will win.

I am just now learning of Brandon’s Molly Ringwald obsession – it both surprises me and doesn’t surprise me at all. A+J (aka me) would like to thank Brandon for his wisdom and insight and the flashback to 10 years ago when he (we) turned 16. #getherdone92