Chris Stapleton

Let me introduce you to Chris Stapleton.

I’ve loved him for years – it will take you one listen to understand why. He’s been a songwriter for a long time, writing a TON of songs that, if you’re a country music fan, you probably already know. He BLEW UP this year after cleaning up at the CMAs (and everywhere else) and giving everyone goose bumps with a performance of Tennessee Whiskey – oh yeah, with JT. Yeah, that JT.


See for yourself.

If you don’t have the omg-wtf-where-did-he-come-from-WHY-CAN’T-I-BE-THAT-GOOD-AT-ANYTHING? tingles, just stop reading my blog.

ANYWAY, four months ago I was making plans to see him in Nashville until I decided I couldn’t leave the baby so soon, two months ago we were making plans to go see him in Denver until I realized we have a wedding that weekend, two weeks ago I was trying to decide if I could make it to Chicago in June and then last week, it was announced that he was coming to my very own backyard and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a mini-meltdown. It’s literally all I’ve been able to talk about and this morning WE GOT TICKETS! Amen. Hallelujah. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus. (Matty, if you ever read this someday – just know I wanted to take you but your dad and Grandpa wouldn’t let me because it’s a Friday night at a casino and well, you’ll be 2 – but, you’re right, they’re still lame. But at least this way you won’t have to see me cry in public. That’d be so awkward for you.)

I can’t think of the last person I wanted to see this much. (Well, that’s a lie – it was Adele but I think we know how that ended for the majority of people trying to get tickets, me included – sore subject.)

SO in honor of my dreams coming true, I’ll share with you how my love for Sir Stapleton came to be (but most importantly the best web gems).


Let’s begin with where it all started for me. Before becoming a mama, after moving to Omaha, I was a little bit of a free-spirited hippie accused by my friends of spending my evenings playing guitar and thinking about my feelings. At the time I didn’t have cable, I lived in a beautiful (but overpriced) apartment in Midtown with shiny hardwood floors and clean, bare walls. I had a couch, a high-top table, a mattress and spring box on the floor, a laptop, a Bose speaker and my guitar – AKA the acoustics were awesome. I spent my time listening to a lot of music, playing my guitar and drinking with friends. One night this song came on and I went down a YouTube rabbit hole and came across this video. No offense to Tim, but this version is….swoon. Ever since, I’ve been a fan.


Then it happened. He put out his first solo single. And I became obsessed. There was a looooong stretch of time where I would play this video over and over (because acoustic versions are always better) as loud as I could. My neighbors probably hated me but it saved me a lot of money on therapy so…MEH, sorry neighbs. BUT HONESTLY, you’re welcome.


At that time they had also announced he was working on a solo album that would be released later that year. Cut to 2015 when Traveller came out. I listened on repeat. Every song. Seth repeatedly asked, “Who is this?” Every time it was Chris Stapleton. The album is beyond good. Chris has been in the industry for a long time – much longer than I’ve known of his existence – his reputation as a songwriter and his maniac talent is proven by the countless awards he’s won this year and the mega-buzz around his name. He’s just the sweetest, most humble….


And his wife sings with him (and she is everything you’d imagine). Hashtag couple goals.



In other, semi-related news, Matty had his first musical, public appearance today and though he kept sitting down, I think he’s following in Chris’s musical footsteps.

See for yourself… he’s got moves.