Women Brain

A few things have interestingly enough coincided this week, so I’m going to take it as a sign from the universe that what I’m about to write is meant to be. The first being the conversation I had this morning with my friend Bev ^, the second being the fucking shit storm of opinions on Kim K’s latest nudies and the third being my recent fixation on women supporting other women/learning how to celebrate other people’s successes and my own happiness (I’m trying to get all zen and shiii, okay? Let me skip in the sunshine.)

Anyway. I’ll start with the first.

OKAY. Essentially this conversation started like any normal conversation does, with me making a reference to twerking as a form of exercise and Bev asking me to tell her to get out of bed (which I did because I’m a good friend). What followed was a general convo about our diets, exercise and our current level of unsatisfaction with our bodies – because let’s be serious, there’s very rarely a level of satisfaction, just varying degrees of being UNsatisfied. AMIRIGHT?! And then this ^ exchange happened. And before anyone gets all bitchy and cynical like women are prone to do, let me say this was not a pity compliment because Bev was about to cry: 1. Bev IS looking damn good these days and 2. Bev doesn’t cry…sober, often. Her’s, though, probably was a pity comment because I just had a baby and I do cry…sober and drunk – all the time (shameless).

See what I did there? I doubted her sincerity because of my own insecurities. *”WOMEN BRAIN” ALERT* Bev was right – I believed her about as much as I believe Kanye loves white people. Had she not called me out, I would have dismissed her compliment without second thought. BUT SHE DID and there wasn’t just a second thought, there were a multitude of thoughts. “Women brain” is a B* and it doesn’t just hold us back from loving ourselves and allowing ourselves to be loved to the fullest, it prevents us from being happy for other women because of jealousy or our own short comings.

So with that, let’s move on to Kimmy K’s full frontals.

As a woman and a mother, I can honestly say, who gives a flying fuck if she wants to share her naked body with everyone from here to Papua New Guinea?? I don’t know about you but, sweet jesus, who wouldn’t be proud of that body? Which is worse – being proud of your body and posting a nude photo for the world to see by way of art or being so ashamed of your body that you can’t take a compliment, celebrate in another woman’s successes or even enjoy your own small wins along the way? Well, I’d definitely say the second. Jesus. I’m so happy I’m not raising a daughter. How could I ever raise a daughter, teach her to love her body and to be proud of who she is if I’m still not sure how to? And I’m not the only one – 99% of the woman I know and have grown close to in my lifetime have had insecurities that have prevented them from seeing their entire value and beauty. Am I saying every girl with self confidence should post a nudie? Fuck no. I’m just saying who are we – who am I – to judge a woman for wanting to do so, especially if the intention is to empower other women to be proud of their bodies – regardless of social norm? Seriously, who the fuck are we to call her a bad role model for posting a nude picture (I mean, she procreated with Kanye so she’s done more questionable things)? With all the time we’ve spent judging ourselves and being jealous of others we could have shifted to a healthier and more loving state of mind.

We could be ruling the fucking world…um, hello!?

“Women brain”, the judgey, over-analytical, crtique-ey, jealous voices fueled by our insecurities needs to take a backfuckingseat. ASAP. We are more than that, and our lives and those lives around us would be so much fuller if we could just love ourselves, be happy for one another, be supportive and kind. I know, it’s way easier said than done – I’d be lying if I said part of me wasn’t literally dying of laughter as I type this – but it’s worth a shot, right? A healthy, strong, beautiful body isn’t anything without a healthy mind, so let’s all tell our “women brain” to sit the fuck down – forever. Can we please?!

GIRL POWER. Take it away, Bey.