I have a comondrum (obviously that’s what a comondrum on a Monday is called) and it’s a short one.

Is Chris Brown still a relevant person??????? I saw some headline this morning saying he made a comment on T. Swift’s insta, something dumb with the words “PUSSY” and “SHUT THE FUCK UP” (yes, in all caps) and I’m sitting here like, wait, is Chris Brown still relevant? I didn’t know we cared about what he did or said anymore. I hear the name “Chris Brown” and my mind is immediately transported to dirtbag city??

I didn’t realize he was still worth a fucking headline.* Last time I checked, he had beat the shit out of a woman WHILE driving a car and, turned out, wasn’t at all apologetic. I mean, forget the fact that the GRAMMY’S obviously missed the fucking memo (a couple times) – I couldn’t have been the only one who didn’t miss the memo. I would almost bet all of my money that TayTay doesn’t even know who he is? Lucky her.

Like, seriously, is Chris Brown still a relevant person??

“UM. Chris who?” – said anyone who ever actually mattered