This morning Matty woke up with an unidentified rash and – turns out – he has strep. So we’re home today – eating dino nuggets, watching Minions and trying to stay cool (aka keep our collective sanity). While it stinks that Matty’s sick, I think it’s sort of a blessing in disguise because we don’t get a lot of one-on-one time now that Abbott has joined us.

It’s so easy to lose sight of the moments and to enjoy my kids as much as I should when everything’s moving at light speed (a common feeling) – spending this day with Matty has really highlighted that fact. He is talking so much these days and I miss so many new words and phrases. He’s so opinionated and strong-willed. He loves things (watermelon, Target and waterplay). He hates things (bugs – other than ants whom he could talk to for hours). He’s beginning to understand emotions so I get to see these little special moments of empathy. It’s such a strange yet heart-melting experience. He’s funny – like, legitimately humorous. He’s ornery and a little hot-headed but also the sweetest, most endearing little person all in one. He’s essentially the most lovable, human version of a Sour Patch Kid. Days like this, getting to connect again on an individual level, help me recharge my patience and double check my temper because those too are things that, when everything’s moving at the speed of light, are hard to keep in-pocket.

So today, in honor of my Matty day and his birthday month (you know I love birthdays), I’m going to share my most favorite Matty “conversations” from the last 24 hours.

Yesterday while grocery shopping:

Me: Can I have a kiss?

Matty: No. I’m impotant, Mama.

I have literally been saying “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.” to Matty since he was in the womb and it finally came back to me.

This morning after waking up, running full speed into our room and climbing onto our bed where I was feeding Abbott:

Me: Did you sleep okay?

Matty: Sleep okay? Yeah! I sleep okay.

Me: Good, I’m happy.

Matty: I’m happy, Mama!

Do you see a trend? We’ve been working on sentences and complete responses and now 99% of the things he says he addresses to someone. And, oddly, most of the time it’s Abbott who neither cares nor is present.

During breakfast this morning:

Me: Matty, guess where we’re going this weekend?


Me: We’re going to go see Grandma and Papa and Auntie M

Matty: And Papa cop car?

Me: Yup, and Papa’s cop car.

Matty: Mama, there are papas eherywhere!

Matty’s learning his name (sort of?):

Me: What’s your name?

Matty: SANTA?

Me: No, what’s your name?

Matty: My birthday, Mama?

Matty opening the door to the house after his doctor appointment today:

Me: Good job, buddy. You’re so smart!

Matty: I mart, Abbott!

Abbott was not present.

Matty being Matty:


Matty holds out his hands. I think he has melted m&ms on them and wipe them off with mine only to realize it’s not chocolate at all…💩