I told you all to stay tuned, so here I am with an update.

I’m midway through day 3 in the new chapter of my life and so far it’s just a series of epiphanies, opinions and revelations. Which is basically no different than what it was before —  I just have more time on my hands now. Yesterday I cleaned our house, rearranged the shoes, found 42 branches and sticks (yes, in our home – boys) and had an underlying worry the whole time that someone was trying to get a hold of me, as if I was a necessary part of someone’s day-to-day who wasn’t my husband or children. I guess that’s bound to be a side effect of working a full-time job for eight years straight and then not. I’m wondering when — or if — that will ever really go away. Any retirees with some insight? 

I know I’ve only been on the job market for two and a half days but I sort of feel like I’ve applied for every job available in the midwest. And while I do have two interviews coming up, my hopes aren’t extremely high because I’m awkward AF and a little rusty. Last time I interviewed for a job I was young, bubbly, optimistic and so interested in being liked by everyone. Now I’m old, tired, slightly less optimistic and pretty much hate everyone. Donald Trump is also the president which may not directly relate but it doesn’t help.

On a brighter note, today I took some time to unplug (GASP!) and go treat myself to some fresh air. I strolled leisurely along a trail I used to run daily and took in the sights. I saw 300 Robbins, a couple Blue Jays, a few squirrels, three domestic pets, a handful of others enjoying the weather and a depressing amount of litter. I listened to my headphones at top volume and several full-on conversations with myself. I honestly couldn’t (and still can’t) remember the last time I unplugged and did something by myself for no reason other than I had the time. It was really refreshing and relaxing.

When I took my phone out of airplane mode I had a number of texts from my brother and received a text from Seth which I realized later he only sent because my brother had texted him also, looking for me.












Apparently someone other than my kids and my husband was trying to get a hold of me! Because of course now that I don’t have a job, I can do work for free. And of course because I don’t have a job, I’m just sitting at home fiddling my thumbs. But if anyone needs a resume or business plan written? I’ll do it for $10. KIDDING. Kind of. But also, let’s all take note of how my brother started the conversation with a pseudo compliment only to segue-way into his request, no – demand, that I immediately re-write his business plan. Only a little brother can be so annoying and yet still get exactly what he wants. 

I came home and worked on his “business plan” which was literally a stream of thoughts broken into four and half paragraphs. I mean, he did warn me that it was “very very very rough” but even that was an understatement. He should have used three more “roughs”. Otherwise, today I’ve watched an episode of Game of Thrones, showered, done a little research to prepare for my interviews, sent out a few more applications and listened to S*Town — the podcast that I’m hoping to finish today — while consuming copious amounts of chips and salsa.

If only I had copious amounts of margaritas…