Does anyone know the odds of a one-year old getting possessed by a demon? It seems like the odds would be pretty low but based on my experience with Abbott last night, I’m wondering if maybe it’s more common than I think.

Last night at about 11:30 we heard screaming come from the boys’ room. We sat quietly in our bed trying to identify which of the boys it was.

“That’s your oldest son.” Seth said as he pretended to sleep.
“I think it’s Abbott.”
“Yeah, I think you’re right.”

We sat silent and still hoping the screams would subside, but they didn’t. They only grew louder and more intense. I decided it was time to intervene.

When I quietly entered their room, I had trouble telling where the screaming was coming from. Abbott’s bed was completely empty. I carefully followed the sound of the screams. As my eyes adjusted to my pitch black surroundings, I was able to make out a small figure flopping around on the floor near the dresser, about three feet from Abbott’s bed. I whispered his name gently and it only made the screaming worse. Worried he’d wake up Matty, I bent down to pick him up off of the floor wondering if he’d fallen out of his bed. I picked him up an he began throwing his body around violently in my arms. Then, he screamed violently in my face. Worried I might drop him and completely surprised by what was happening (DEMONIC POSSESSION), I tried to gently lay him in his bed. It was no help, the screaming and flailing continued to the point I was worried he’d hurt himself if I left him there. I picked him back up and took him into the hall.

He hit and he screamed and he kicked and he flailed. I began to panic as I thought through my options one by one. I could take him into the living room, turn on the light and hope it would calm him down – but doing so was risky since there was a chance he could wake up fully and then refuse to go back to sleep, impacting my night plans (AKA SLEEPING). I could lay him back down on his bed and leave the room with hopes that he’d calm himself down or fall back to sleep but that was risky, too, since he could wake up Matty entirely and then Matty could refuse to go back to sleep – or worse, they could both refuse to go back to sleep – impacting not only mine but Seth’s night plans, too. Or I could take him into my room and lay down with him and hope that he’d fall back to sleep. Just as I was making my decision, Seth joined me in the hallway.

He tried consoling Abbott but nothing he tried – swinging, bouncing, kissing, squeezing – worked. Abbott screamed as loud as possible in his face and began frantically chanting something in what I can only assume was ancient latin. I thought about the Conjuring and then I thought back to Matty’s stint with night terrors – nights where he’d scream and flail and yell uncontrollably about his cookies being stolen. I wished I could at least understand what Abbott was saying. He continued to hit and scream and kick and flail uncontrollably. We decided to take him into our room. We closed the door behind us, laid Abbott on the bed and sat next to him, trying to rub his back when he’d let us. He rolled from side to side and screamed “NO!” every time we touched him. We resorted to only touching him when we was nearing the edge of the bed and likely to fall out. Seth and I looked at each other with sleepy eyes, exchanging looks of ‘what the fucking fuck do we do now?‘. The bodily overhaul went on like this for at least 10 more minutes. And then just as quickly as it started, it was stopped. Abbott laid between us with his eyes open, smiling coyly at us and snuggling up against us as if nothing had ever happened. It was 100% the creepiest thing I’ve ever experienced as a parent.

Was he possessed by a demon? Is he bipolar (can a one-year old be bipolar)? Or was it just a night terror?

Who fucking knows but whatever it was gave me actual nightmares and if it keeps up you’re going to find me burning sage in our home and spritzin’ holy water all over the place (eh, I might just do that anyway). And if that doesn’t work, we’re moving.

In case you’re wondering if your kid is also possessed, I found this for you.