You know how our parents were once like young and probably cool(ish) people? And you know how it’s, like, next to impossible not to lose sight of that? And you know how our kids will feel the same way about us someday? Queue the depression.

Well, today Deputy Dad posted a Facebook status that reminded me – the same way I hope this blog will someday remind my boys – that he’s not just a lame, boring parent but a person with a sense of humor and a not-always pessimistic outlook (well, maybe not that one…). My dad rarely posts anything that is his own – he does the parent thing and shares a lot of ridiculous, not-at-all PC memes which may have played into why I thought his status was so funny – but I’ll let you be the judge.

So I’m working last night, minding my own business. A guy drives by, sees me parked, turns around, pulls up beside me and asks me if the cable’s gonna be out all night….WELL WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK….The car says “insert city name here” POLICE, not the city of “insert city name here again” CABLE COMPANY!!!!!! WTF!!!!! – Deputy Dad, 10.12.16, Facebook

Are you laughing? God, I hope so.

First of all, who was this man who asked a police officer about the status of his cable at home?? I have so many questions. Second of all, did Deputy Dad just say “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK” like some basic b drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte? And finally, parents love a lot of things but most of all they love exclamation points…am I right?

Also, shout out to Deputy Dad for not typing “wtf over” – the signature parent typo he’s too lazy to fix in 99% of his texts, posts and captions. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new habits? 😁

🚨🚔Deputy Dad FTW🚨🚔


Here’s to all the parents who’s kids have forgotten they were once young, are still people and quite capable of being effective on social media when they want to. And let us not forget those of us who are dreading the days our kids look at us with utter embarrassment and would rather be anywhere but in our company.