I wouldn’t say politics are my forté – I wouldn’t even say they’re something I’m specifically well-versed or well-educated in. I know the basics – people run for office, Americans vote and, typically, the person with the most votes wins. I hate election seasons just as much as the next person. I hate the commercials, the phone calls, the divisive rhetoric and the altogether derailing of our comfortable ignorance many of us can enjoy the otherwise. Usually when the election is over it’s super easy to get back into the groove and move on – but this one hasn’t been so easy. With each new cabinet pick, my concerns remain and each day closer to the inauguration those concerns get a little heavier. It seems everyone is still learning how to cope in the “new normal”.

Over the past few weeks I’ve done a lot of tongue-biting; I know what’s done is done. Some people are choosing to turn a blind eye and I don’t blame them. All logical signs indicate the next four years will be a disaster for many of us and only time will really show how detrimental their effect. But even as I’ve sat back, tight-lipped and courteous – others are not being so courteous. I’m sure you’ve all seen the stories and read the comments – people are fucking sick – but for some reason nothing has bothered me in past few weeks more than the “Stop bitching about it” camp. This morning on Today, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the newest host of The Apprentice (barf), said: “Now he’s elected, and now it is very important that we all support the president, and that we all come together and we stop whining and it becomes one nation.”

Fair point, I guess. But, with all respect, do not tell me to stop whining. And to everyone else who shares his sentiments, don’t tell me to stop bitching. Don’t tell me to shut up about it. Don’t tell me to get over it. Don’t say anything to me with the subcontext of “it’s not a big deal, you don’t matter, nobody cares” because while, yes, I understand what’s done is done that doesn’t mean it’s okay. It’s also just plain dismissive and rude.

I’m not a small child who can’t process my feelings or my surroundings (I mean, as long as I’m sober). I’m an adult woman who’s worried about losing rights and privileges pertaining to my body. I’m a mother who’s worried about repercussions of this election affecting my children in ways I won’t be able to reverse – two boys who will be five and six before Trump or Pence are out of office!

But at the most basic level, I’m a fucking person. A person who shares similar concerns with many people.  People who have a right to express concerns and feel feelings and love who they want just like every other fucking human being. And you, by telling us to stop whining or shut up or get over it, are marginalizing an entire group of people who really just want the best for everyone – every single body. If that’s who you are, cool – AWESOME. I mean, it’s not cool or awesome but you do you. If that’s not you though, just know it’s very possible you look like a complete fucking douche bag with no heart.


Right now, it is so important  for everyone to be aware of what they’re saying and ensuring what’s being said is effectively conveying what they actually mean. Unfortunately, it’s way easier to come off as a giant douche bag today than it was on Nov 1st. These are our times. Siiiiiigh.

But like P. Swayze said, no one puts baby in a fucking corner.

Now watch this video and try to forget how unbelievably god-forsaking people can be. 💡