As Seth would tell you, I’m an amazing online shopper. Last night after the boys went to bed, I found myself carousing different baby boutiques. Upon seeing a set of adorable Boppy covers, a wave of melancholy came over me. I don’t have a baby in that stage anymore and probably won’t again. BUT that doesn’t mean you won’t! So, I’ve picked out some of my favorite baby/toddler/child shops to share, just to make myself feel better.  🍭🍦🍩


I am so obsessed with this romper from AnchoreDeep. The ears, the hood, the speckles, the bear face – the overwhelming amount of cuteness! It’s so adorable – the shop is full of adorable stuff for babies and toddlers. Shop here.

Ivie Baby

There are a few things I’m really into right now and they are florals, flamingos and watercolor. So to say I’m head over heels for pretty much everything at Ivie Baby isn’t an exaggeration. SEE EVIDENCE BELOW (and shop here!):

Strawberry Moth

I’m in love with the pennants and patches from Strawberry Moth. They capture the wonder and freedom of childhood so perfectly. Shop here.

So Young

I LOVE THIS BACKPACK. I bought Matty a So Young back pack in December when he moved classrooms (mostly to hand down his diaper bag), and I could not be more happy. The design is simple (and awesome), they’re SUPER easy to clean (raw linen) and roomy enough for everything a toddler could need or want, even sippy cups in the side pockets. If you’re on the market for a backpack or a lunch box – I 100% recommend one of these. Shop here!

Blueberries for Call

Let’s talk about baby moccassins – I’ll take all of them, please. Blueberries for Call has some of the most adorable, just in time for fall! Shop here.

Little Goodall

Speaking of fall, Little Goodall has the most adorable lion coat I’ve been pining over since Matty was a baby. It never truly seemed like Matty’s style – but I’m holding out hope for Abbott. Ahem, Seth.

These t-shirts from Hatch for Kids are more Matty/Marty/Manny’s style. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it on the blog, but Matty is OBSESSED with the Beastie Boys. Have you ever driven for 2.5 hours and listened to Intergalactic on repeat then entire time? Because I have. Twice. (Yikes.) Unfortunately the Beastie Boys t-shirt in his size was sold out but we scored the NWA t-shirt and it was everything. Shop all the coolness here.

Lucy Darling

I’m really into these Lucy Darling prints and though I’m not really one that used stickers for all those adorable month-to-month pictures, they have a ton of options to choose from including stickers for milestones, firsts and even pregnancy months. Shop them here!


Happy shopping!