Until today, when someone came across the Abbott and June Facebook page and clicked on the About tab, the ‘bio’ read: A+J is an unfiltered and shame-free mommy blog.
In some alternate world, when I started this blog, that’s what A+J was, a mommy blog. I remember when I first sat down — after a long day of infant laundry, bottle making, bottle cleaning, baby cooing and baby snuggling — four weeks postpartum to finally (as Seth would say) put Abbott and June together. I envisioned a place for me to share my wtf stories of motherhood, my internal momming conflicts and maybe, every now and then, dish on unimportant adults topics like celebrity relationships and my deep love for happy hour, as a way of catharsis.
A+J was intended to be an extension of myself. Light, humorous, inclusive. And on some really great days, that’s still what it gets to be. Maybe at its core that’s still what it is but as an extension of myself, created with the intention of personal catharsis, Abbott and June has changed. The focus, over the course of the past two years, has gone from cutesy baby/kid stories and hilarious nonsense to social change, social responsibility and calls to action.
These are topics that make people uncomfortable, make people roll their eyes, make people turn the channel or stop reading. These are polarizing topics, I know. It’s the exact reason I avoid watching the nightly news — or the morning news for that matter. And while the last thing I want is to divide a group of mostly women who come here for funny stories and relatable motherhood and marriage tales, A+J wouldn’t be a true extension of me if I stopped there. More importantly, I wouldn’t feel like I was being true to myself if I kept them separate.
Motherhood is only a fraction of who I am but it has influenced me in so many unexpected ways, this passion to demand change being one of them. As Matty and Bot’s mom, I feel an intense responsibility to stand up and speak out and, if I was being honest, I feel a deep disdain for those who are still able to remain silent and willing to risk looking complicit on the account of not ruffling feathers. On one hand, I have so much more empathy and on the other hand, I have so little tolerance.
I’m thankful for Abbott and June and the community I have gained. I appreciate everyone who has read along and everyone who has engaged but it has become increasingly difficult to draw a line between what to say and what not to say.  And, due to new Facebook policies, I was recently informed I could no longer run ads boosting any content that seemed (even in the slightest bit) political. So rather than draw a line or feel like I’m taking a risk every time I share my position on social issues, I have simply decided not to and to move forward to authorize Abbott and June to run ads with political content.
I, by no means, have any intention of turning Abbott and June into a snarky, political blog but I also have no intention of reeling it in, holding back or sitting down. I will still share all the mommy stories, the light and humorous stuff (after all, it is my favorite) but I’m also going to continue to share the uncomfortable stories, the sometimes unpopular opinions and do my part to advocate for change where and when I see necessary.
My responsibility as a mother and a citizen doesn’t stop at raising happy and kind people, it includes playing an active role in shaping the world, the country and the communities in which they’ll inherit — and A+J is part of doing that for me. So as of today, Abbott and June is an unfiltered and shame-free lifestyle blog with an infatuation on social responsibility.

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This change could mean nothing, the amount and type of content might remain the same, but it could also mean that some weeks I don’t even mention my kids or my husband because the world is falling apart. I just wanted to let you know if you choose not to come along on this journey, I get it – it’s not you, it’s me. Thanks for hanging out.

As for the rest of you, thank you for being you.