It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving if I didn’t take a minute to acknowledge what I’m grateful for, at least once. So, let’s just cut to it because I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. I know, 2017 was a rough one for most of us but still, guys, we have a lot to be thankful for.

  1. Let’s start with the most recent. I’m thankful for Ashley, Emily, Laura, Zelda, Rose, Ambra, Jessica, Jennifer, Zoe, Liza, Louise, Asia, Lucia, Mira, Rosanna, Emma, Jessica, Gwyneth, Judith, Angelina, Tomi-Ann, Dawn, Heather, Romola, Louisette, Lauren, Cara, Ivana, Lea, Sarah, Kate, Claire, Florence, Sophie, Tara, Mylene, Minka, Melissa, Lisa, Angie, Trish, Alice, Eva, Lina, Chelsea, Samantha, Sarah, Paula, Juls, Lysette, Paula W, Vu Thu, Amber, Lena, Lauren, Larissa, Melissa C, Erika, Lupita, Sean, Giovanna, Heather, Juliana, Katya, Britt, Vana, Connie, Caitanya, Mimi, Natassia, Daryl, Dominique, Hope, Cynthia, Ashley, Lacey, Paz, Wende, Julianna and the remaining Anonymous women who came forward and shared their stories in regards to trash bag, Harvey Weinstein. Women have had quite the year. We’ve marched, we’ve called our senators and our representatives, we’ve donated our time and our money, we’ve spoken, we’ve stood up and we’ve demanded. But the credit for the forward momentum we have today as we end out the year, is largely in part to the strength of these women for telling their stories and encouraging others to tell their stories and working together to create a movement long overdue. Everyone is paying attention, what a time to be a live.
  2. This year I’m thankful for my ability and my right to say our President is complete trash. Beyond who voted for who and what party we identify with, this man lacks intelligence, compassion and basic human decency. If I was related to (or getting paid by) Donald Trump, I’d say the same exact thing – maybe louder.
  3. Speaking of, this year I’m generally thankful for my rights – which are so much more apparent right now than they have been in the last decade. A lot has happened this year; a lot of hateful people have been given this weird and undeserved perception of power. This has made me thankful for my rights and for those who have fought to protect them and those who continue to fight to protect them, both our vet and our troops as well as the sane members of our congress.
  4. And to my abilities. I’m getting old. For the first time in my life, I’ve begun to feel my age (kids tend to do that I think). So this year, I’m taking a moment to be thankful for my abilities because some day I won’t have them and I’ll want to remember when I did.
  5. My family and friends. Each year since becoming a mom I’ve grown more and more grateful for my family and friends. This year specifically, I’m thankful to my friends for picking up my slack when I’ve been overwhelmed with toddler, career and marriage stress; for being unendingly supportive and loving, and for ALWAYS showing up. My family for being there, for overwhelmingly loving and caring for the boys – especially when I need a break or a marriage moment, for spoiling them, for loving us, for making more trips to see us and everything in between.
  6. The boys. Matty and Bot for being perfect examples of how we should all live our lives and for being the brightest lights I’ve ever encountered. Seth for continuing to work and compromise, for the unending support and trust in my abilities and my dreams. I’m lucky.
  7. All the good and fabulous educators.
  8. This community.
  9. Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. I mean…right?
  10. And, finally, as Matty said when I asked what he was most grateful for, “Food and ‘candy cans’ so I can eat them.”

Wishing you all the happiest and the fullest Thanksgiving!