This morning was a rough one in our house, not really because anything big happened but simply because we’re in a particularly inconsistent phase of our lives. With a baby and an almost-two-year-old toddler, mornings can be especially challenging because nights can be especially terrifying. Last night was one of those nights. Matty is prone to night terrors and though we’ve tried everything we can think of, they just can’t be avoided. Last night’s night terror was a big one – at one point both Seth and I were crammed onto Matty’s twin-sized mattress trying to soothe him back to sleep while also trying to avoid the overwhelming amount of morning breath in such a small space (well, at least I was). Abbott on the other hand is a fabulous sleeper – knock on wood – but he’s been battling congestion and colds for about a month now and his cough has reached a decimal that is impossible to sleep through without a twinge of concern. So of course, when he woke up this morning, just as quickly as he ate his bottle, he projectile vommitted it back up – all over our bed – thanks to that gem of a cold he can’t kick. And, just because the universe has a sense of humor, today is tie-dye Tuesday at school and somehow we literally had nothing suitable for tie-dying so, like the parent I am (not wanting him to be left out), I had to make a hero run to the store.

And on top of all of this, I’m coming off of my second bout of stomach flu in two weeks – I’m hardly hydrated, I’ve hardly eaten, I’m just short of a mommy meltdown – and Seth is the opposite of a morning person, so our dynamic was just peachy.

Luckily, just after the boys walked out the door – again because the universe has a sense of humor – this video appeared on my newsfeed (thank you, Lean In). It was 14:44 seconds longer than I thought I had, but I’m glad I made the time. For me, there really are never enough tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining (or attempting to maintain) my sanity – and it helps that she seems just as emotionally unstable as I am on any given tie-dye Tuesday.


Happy tie-dye Tuesday.

*Be mindful – breathe, listen and give thanks* 

And, you guys, as Whitney said…