I’m not a Cubs fan. I actually don’t even have a baseball team and, last year, if you were to ask who my favorite was I’d probably say something like – “Anyone but the Cubs.” Hear me out, when you go to school at the University of Iowa, there are two types of students – Chicagoans and everyone else. I swear, 85% of the people I met in college were “from” Chicago. It took me a year or so to realize that “from Chicago” actually meant from anywhere in Illinois. And out of that 85%, I’m telling you 84% of them were Cubs fans and they were loud and obnoxious and way too proud for their own good – especially considering they never seemed to win much. Bears fans (mostly the same group of people) were the second worst.

But with that said, I have a lot of friends who are Cubs fans. My own mother, whom I’ve never known to be a real fan of any team, was uncharacteristically excited about game 7 when we talked on the phone last night which was confusing until I remembered she grew up in and graduated from a high school in Peoria, Illinois and was likely a Cubs fan at heart. Had she gone to Iowa, she probably would have said she was from Chicago even though Peoria is a good two and a half hours outside of the city.

I’ll admit, going into the series, I wanted to Cubs to win – they were, until last night, the true underdogs of professional baseball and their fans deserved a World Series win after standing by them for over a century and remaining faithful – and, in most instances, optimistic – even if it was obnoxious. The fans and their stories are actually what make the Cubs’ win the best thing ever. I woke up this morning to a Facebook newsfeed full of Cubs fans losing their shit in the best way possible. My favorites were the ones who were sharing their win with their families, generations of Cubs fans who never thought they’d see the day, and those who were dedicating the win to those who are no longer here, the generations of faithful Cubs fans who never got to witness their team win a World Series.

It doesn’t matter who you cheer for, a heartwarming story is a heartwarming story, and as humans with empathetic capabilities it’s hard not to see the awesome-ness of the Chicago Cubs’ World Series Game 7 (LITERALLY the best game of baseball I’ve ever watched) win. It’s hard not to smile along.

And to prove it – here are some of my favorite Cubs stories I’ve seen, I dare you not to feel a little twinge of something in your chest or if you’re like me, not to cry.

  1. First of all – there’s THE WALL
  2. And then there are ALL of these fans whom sum up the phrase “feeling all the feelings” more accurately than ever before. And all of these older fans adorably losing their shit (serious tears and laughs).
  3. Oh, yeah, and Nike is still good at making people cry
  4. There’s this guy who grew up a Cubs fan thanks to his grandpa and wrote this article about how magical last night’s game would be for the Cubs – win or lose. My favorite part, I read with tears in my eyes: Wednesday morning before we even got out of bed, my wife and I had “the talk.” We discussed it and decided we need to let the kids stay up for Game 7, with all apologies to their teachers. This is a moment, win or lose, that we will never forget. And someday, for them and for me, it will be a memory that is both heartwarming and heart wrenching.
  5. And even better, there’s this guy who drove all day to watch game 7 with his dad.

I went from straight up willing to be anything but a Cubs fan to believing the Cubs (and their fans) have made me a baseball fan. Not a Cubs fan but a baseball fan. There is just something about a little boy with a baseball glove sitting at a game with his mom/dad/grandpa/grandma/favorite person and falling in love with America’s favorite past time. And there’s just still something wholesome about major league baseball!

I don’t know maybe I’m just so smitten because watching the Cubs win the World Series has got be like what it would be like to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes win a national title – something I’m 99.8% sure I’ll never get to see in my life.

Who knows! It’s the Cubs’ day – I’m just here to enjoy it. Until next season – GO, CUBS, GO….