Okay, so I’ve been holding back my excitement this week but the time has finally come. I’m taking a really, really quick trip to Denver this weekend to visit, reminisce, romp and booze with two of my favorite people ever, ABBY AND JEN! Jen literally just booked her flights yesterday because she’s child-free and, well, free to roam and do as she pleases. Is it weird that I’ve already forgotten what that’s like? I booked my flights a few weeks ago and have been eagerly counting down the days. Though I will say, this week the countdown has been both exciting and also anxiety ridden. I’m so very nervous about leaving the boys which makes absolutely no sense because I’m leaving them with Seth – though, in my anxiety’s defense, this is his first time having a solo overnight with either of the boys, let alone both of them and let alone for two. whole. nights. But I’m sure they’ll have so much fun.

All the hubub about that babysitting t-shirt happened at just the right time, I’ve been reminding myself of that daily. It’s funny because I remember the first time I ever asked if I could go do something after Matheson was born:

“Do you think you could babysit Matty if the girls set up a happy hour sometime next week?”

“It’s not called babysitting when you’re the dad.”

It’s always funny when I look back on that but let’s be serious, when you carry someone around for 9.5 months INSIDE YOUR BODY, they become yours and when you think of anyone else watching him/her – it is absolutely the equivalent of babysitting, Dad or not. But back to the subject (Pep’s on set, make you get hot, make you work up a sweat)…

DENVER! This trip has made me so aware of just HOW for granted I used to take not just my ability to go do whatever, wherever, whenever but my ability to do so and give absolutely ZERO FUCKS. If you’re reading this and you’re child-free, recognize that next time you’re out having the time of your life without a care in the world. You’ll appreciate it if you do ever have kids. BUT, on the bright side, this trip has also reassured me that I still know how to prepare for fun – I’ve made a playlist, I purchased a professional 10-in-1 selfie stick and I bought a new pair of sandals for – wait for it – the first time since having Matty! Whether I still know how to actually have fun so far away from my children is TBD but cross your fingers.

Are you doing anything awesome this weekend?! I hope so – and just in case you didn’t prepare a playlist, I’ll lend you mine. Non-Hawkeye-Iowa-City fans can skip #1 – but I don’t know why you would. (You guys, 105 days until college football season. 🙏)

Watch out Denver, I’m coming for ya.