Because it’s never too early, I’m here to share my too-early christmas shopping list of awesome things I’m getting the boys for Christmas. Obviously this list is catered to boys only because my two kids are boys but it’s 2016 – what is gender anymore, really? #amiright?

Personalized Books

I am so obsessed with name things(as you’ll see) but I think there are few things more adorable and awesome than personalized books. This year, I’m specifically obsessed with these books – the Little Boy Who Lost his Name & The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name. Each book is completely unique based on the kid’s name. On Matheson’s adventure he meets a mermaid, an anteater, a troll, a hippo, an elephant, a squid and a narwhal. UM, HELLO, MAGICAL. You get to choose what type of book you’d like (soft cover, hard cover, pop-up) and you get to write your very own dedication – yes, I cried, don’t you judge me. There is nothing not to love about these books.

Name puzzles

Told ya, I’m obsessed with name things. I love these puzzles for a couple reasons, 1) Matty loves puzzles and Abbott loves to chew on puzzle pieces AND 2) with this they can do something they enjoy while unbeknownst to them learning their letters and eventually how to spell their names. They’re also adorably wooden and craftsy looking – you know curb appeal never hurts.

Take-apart Toys

I don’t know about anyone else but in our home we are in a serious “I NEED to know how everything works” and “No, I do it” phase. Matheson is putting keys in anything that might look like it “needs” a key, taking things apart and tinkering with everything, paying attention to every tiny detail of a task and asking 700 questions. So, when I came across this Battat line of Take-Apart toys, I was partially excited, partially relieved. I can finally give him something to do on his own that won’t include losing our car keys or injuring anyone in the family. The toy line includes an airplane, a crane, roadster, Jeep and a dump truck and they won’t break the bank! Perrrrrrrfect.


Laugh at me if you want, but I LOVE simple, classic toys that will keep my kids busy for as long as possible. ENTER: POUND A PEG. The idea of this is you pound a peg through the board and then flip it over and do it again. REPEAT. Um, yeah, sign me up. My kids love pounding things – on Seth’s head, on the wall, on the floor, on my face – so, here’s to hoping Pound-a-Peg can alleviate some of the beatings Seth and I have been taking

Superstar Microphone

In our home, we live and die by music. We don’t do anything without music playing. We have dance parties pretty much every day. Both of the boys LOVE music – Abbott’s favorite toy in our house is, by far, the piano Matty got for his birthday and Matty, while more of a drum kinda guy, has become extremely fond of – and quite good at – singing. So, it goes without saying that this microphone from Land of Nod is what dreams are made of – for both Matty and I. It’s beautiful and realistic-looking while not having any actual projection power. A little pricey but I’m. obsessed. Apologies in advance to my CFO (aka Seth).

Snap Circuits

Okay, you might think these are a little too old for my kids but I’m a HUGE fan of toys that encourage together time and are engaging for everyone involved. Snap circuits are awesome and right now, until the boys outgrow our help, they 100% fall into that category. There are so many options for Snap Circuits but I’m a huge fan of the light sets and now the 3D sets. Some of them you can even sync up with your music on your phone. Honestly, they’re fucking awesome and I can’t wait for the boys to get hooked.

IKEA Hack – Kids’ Table and Chairs

I’ve been wanting to get a table and chairs or benches made for the boys but when I saw this (way cheap) table and chairs set, I took it as a sign that it was time for me to try my hand at these things I’d only heard about – IKEA hacks! I’ve seen some really neat ones for this table but I’ll let your imagination run wild and maybe I’ll share ours at a later date. If you’re looking for a table for a kiddos though, maybe it’s time for you to try your own hack and share with us!

Baby Doll

Girls can’t have all the fun! I want to give Matty a baby doll because his imagination has really taken off this week. He has been playing pretend in realistic yet hilarious ways and seems really fond of taking care of things. The other night while I was putting him to bed, Matt insisted his stuffed frog was poopy, he said he couldn’t sleep until Frog’s diaper was changed. So, I pretended to change the frog’s diaper and all was well in the world. Last night he melted my heart by putting his monkey to bed, using a baby wash cloth as a blanket and repeating, “give kiss, nigh’ nigh’ monkey”. He’s also been very into “feeding” me things. The other night while I was falling asleep on the couch he fed me fancy chocolates and holiday cookies out of a Crate and Barrel catalog. Yesterday, he fed me bird eggs off the cover of a nature book and said, “Yummy, Mama?” This kid NEEDS a baby to take care of!

Bubble Lawn Mower

Abbott will be walking soon – any day now, he’s so close! And with that brand new milestone comes a whole slew of brand new toys they can play with. I always wanted to get Matty a lawn mower the blows bubbles but never did – so, this year Abbott is 100% getting one. And, honestly, what better for a new walker than to have a toy that gives you an incentive for pushing it? CAN’T WAIT.

Hip Hop Tees

Ok. Maybe these are more for me than the boys BUT I don’t care. I’m obsessed. These t-shirts from Saturday Morning Pancakes are literally the cutest. We’ll probably do a mix for the boys and have already decided one will be Abbott’s birthday shirt. Holiday babies have the worst birthdays! Anyway, they also have adult sizes so you can join in the fun, too.


Can’t wait to put up our Santa Tree as Matty (very appropriately) calls it and get this holiday party started!