I feel like I said this same things months ago but, you guys, Matty is talking SO much and his imagination is going haywire.

The other night while he was eating dinner he yelled, “Mama! The lions are coming! NO, LIONS! THAT’S MY MAMA! NO, LIONS – GO OUTSIDE. BITING IS NOT NICE! NO BITE!” First of all, be still my swelling heart. Second of all, what I wouldn’t give to live inside his mind for five minutes.

The last few nights, in lieu of our actual kitchen being closed, he has opened up his own food service right in the middle of the living room. “What you want, Mama? You want piece-a-pizza? You want taco? You want apple? You waaaaaant a BIG EM-AH-EM?!” It’s adorable. Last night while he, Bot and I were playing he stopped in the middle of wrestling with Abbott, walked over to the couch and said, “OH. MAMA. Let me open my fridge. What you want, Mama? Want some chocolate milk? Want some grapes? Oh, here, have grapes!” He handed me grapes and then offered some to Abbott. Abbott, having the instinct to eat ev-er-y-thing, opened his mouth wide and Matty, as sweet as can be, fed him his grapes.

The other day on our car ride home, adorned in a green bandana, Matty – the pirate – started teaching me about robots:

“Robots are NOT NICE, Mama. They walk on da houses! They’re NOT NICE!”

“Ohhh, ok? Are you a pirate?”

“Yeah, I’m a pirate.”

“Are pirates nice?”

“No. Pirates are NOT NICE. Pirates bite you!”

“They bite you?! So, do you bite?”

“NO! I not bite. I nice.”

It really is true, kids say the darndest damn things. I’m guessing maybe there was a biting incident in his class this week? Who knows – but my belief in life is that there is nothing better than a kid with a wild, WILD imagination and a heart of gold, so I won’t complain – if anything, we’ve got one of those going for us.

Have a great, great weekend! We are officially potty-training (again), so I’m sure that will be another adventure. Prayers welcome.