AHHH, Chatty Corner!

Both of the boys are talking non-stop now which is hilarious but there’s so much to jot down that I miss 80% of it. Matty’s thoughts are becoming more complex while Abbott is regularly saying, “Awe, not fair!” whenever he doesn’t like something. Whether it has anything to do with being fair or not. I hope I find them hilarious and endearing forever.

“Mom, Guess what? I counted all of my fingers to 11.” They’re getting so smart. 

“Look what Matty heared, FIREWORKS!” 

“Dad. Dad. I’m so happy the Hawkeyes won.” Matty’s newest “thing” is waking up in the morning and whispering random things to Seth. This was the morning after Iowa’s bowl game. He is just the cutest.

“No, it’s not funny! It’s not funny. No, Abbott, I’m the mom.”
“Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.”
“No, it’s not funny, I’m older now and I’m 34 years old.”
Bedtime has become the boys’ secret time to play pretend. This was the first time I’ve ever caught Matty pretending to be me. He’s very into ages and getting bigger. I’m very into keeping him pint-sized and 4.5 years old forever.

“Daddy, remember when I was zero?!!” Ugh, I barely remember. Where has the time gone.

“Dad. Did you know Dinosaurs are older than I am?” Dinosaurs are Matty’s life…

“Mom, God made the dinosaurs and us.” And he’s starting to teach us things about God and faith.

“Mom, are you scared of dolphins?” For a minute I felt silly for being afraid of dolphins but then I realized it was only because Matty is too young to discuss their rapey tendencies and so it was hard to explain why, yes, I am.

“Me and Abbott will dig the gold. And Dad, you will clean it.”
“What will mom do?”
“She can spend it!”
Discussing each family member’s role in our new gold digging adventure. SOMEONE is being heavily influenced by their dad. NOT GONNA NAME NAMES THOUGH.

“Dad, you know how you do a baby shower?”
“You hold up the baby and then you see a shooting star.”
“Oh, I like that.”

“Mom, did you do that at my baby shower? Did you hold me up and I see’d a shooting star?”
I have no idea where this idea came from but I just love the magical picture. Why better than what baby showers actually are. I told him I didn’t hold him up because he was still in my belly but that I did see a shooting star. 

“Matty, you should become an archaeologist.”
“Oh, yeah, good idea! You can travel the world and dig up dinosaur bones. See all the places —“
“Well, Mom! Maybe you can drive me in your car!!”
This was right before bedtime while we were all huddled in the boys’ room for story time.

“Well the credit cards aren’t the same.”
“Same as what?”
“Same as my other credit card.”
Last week when Seth dropped the boys off at school, Matty was upset because he had forgotten to bring something for show and share. So Seth gave him our old Target Card and told him to show his friends his credit card that we put money on when he does his chores and sleeps in his bed. This is something we’ve been telling the boys and they were both given cards to put in their wallet (come on, who carries cash around anymore?!) but now Matty constantly talks about his credit cards.

“Mom, I want to go to Disney World then Disneyland and then Bounce U, okay?”
Yes, all very similar experiences. I asked Matty last night if he’d rather see real whales in the ocean or go to Disney and he said, “Disney World because it’s SO much fun!” We’re not going to Disney World – ever, unless we somehow become millionaires – because we could probably all go to Fiji for the same cost and, well, gators. I would rather swim with dolphins.

“Don’t flush until you’re done.”
“I’M SORRY! Well, you don’t have to get my poop out!”

“Holy cow, that is a big one.”
“I’ve been waitin’ for it all day.”

And, of course, from now until forever, poop remains a top hot topic around our house.