Some Mondays I really have to look for motivation to get out of bed. I mean, motivation beyond the fact that I obviously have to get out of bed because I have responsibilities and…stuff. Stuff like two kids who need to go to school, a husband who doesn’t set his own alarm, a job to make it to, bills to pay and, just like – you know, people counting on me not being a complete pile of poo.

This morning was one of those Mondays UNTIL I had a realization that picked me up real quick. Y’ALL, I could be going to the Grammy’s or Oscars someday! AND so could you if we play our cards right. If we insist on keeping arts in our schools and encouraging our kids to get and stay involved in them, we could TOTALLY end up being the most fun mom-dates ever some day. If my kids fall in love with the arts like I did when I was younger (though I haven’t made it to the Grammys – yet? – sorry, Mom), I could TOTALLY go to a fancy awards show someday with the best date a mom could ask for (Sorry, Seth). That’s neat, right?! The odds might be slim but it’s a good enough reason for me to get out of bed and do my best today, I suppose. I have kids’ dreams and creativity to accommodate and Lin Manuel Miranda, Dev Patel, Andrew Garfield, Lucas Hedges and Naomie Harris to thank for taking their moms to last night’s Oscars and giving me a reason to get out of bed this morning that’s not just “stuff”.

But honestly, if my kids invite me anywhere in the future, I’ll be happy. So if the arts aren’t your thing, maybe you can just aim for that? Matty and Bot, a shout out will work, too, boos.