Summer has officially hit around here. To be honest, I hardly know what day it is anymore. I’ve officially hit my stride as a woman left to her own devices – or something like that – in other words, unemployment isn’t completely miserable. But, as I’m sure fellow moms can attest, having kids – even just a one- and two-year old – is the best way to eat up your time. You should see our calendar.

Every weekend in May was booked. Every weekend this month is spoken for. And almost every weekend in July is booked. If you count the season premiere of GOT an event, which we obviously do (WINTER IS COOOMING), we have one open weekend. I think. That’s the other thing, we’ve become so busy that even on the weekends when we don’t have plans, we feel like we have plans. Yesterday Seth asked me what we had going on the second-to-last weekend in July and I said, verbatim, “I don’t think we have anything. But I swear something just came up that we’re supposed to, maybe, be doing? I can’t remember…”

We always fall back on the good ol’ “it will come to me” reassurance, but truth is if it’s not on the calendar, there’s a 50/50 chance it actually will. Between weddings and birthday parties and swim lessons and golf tournaments and concerts and girls’ trips and family trips and friends visiting and a new summer school schedule for the boys, we’re staying pretty busy around here.

August isn’t completely full but it’s close. I have a feeling we’ll be welcoming Fall before we know it.

Over the weekend my brother and his long-time girlfriend got married in a small ceremony at my parents’ home. It was a long weekend full of family –some I hadn’t seen in 5+ years – laughter, hugs, food and booze. And like any special weekend (and non-special for that matter), it went by much too fast. They’d been engaged for two, maybe even three, years and I remember when they got engaged and said it would be a couple years feeling like that was forever away. And then suddenly, just like that, the wedding was here and gone in the snap of our fingers.

Watching Matty walk down the aisle as a ring-bearer, I had the same feeling. In a snap of my fingers he went from a tiny human who could only shit and spit up to this little charmer who was holding a sign, calmly walking down the aisle at his uncle’s wedding as if he’d done it 300 times before. And now we’ll be celebrating his third birthday next weekend which felt light years away two years ago. Abbott is legit talking now, communicating with serious conviction and it’s a giant mind fuck. I mean, he really was literally JUST born, right??? They wear each other’s clothes for eff’s sake! WHAT IS TIME?

Anyway. We’re in the summer twilight zone and the time warp curse of our kids around here, so forgive me if I’m not writing as much. Sometime this week I’ll have to share my Boyz II Men and KNOTB experience with you. Oh, it’s Thursday? Ok then, tomorrow we’ll Flashback Friday to last Sunday when all of my childhood dreams and adult nightmares simultaneously came true.

Spoiler: SO MANY PYROTECHNICS, you guys.