I am obsessed with this. I found it a couple weeks ago and just keep coming back for more. I find it’s a good reminder that happiness is a state of mind, not a place I’m going or a specific list of things I foresee me having in the future, but rather an outlook on where I am and what I do have.

Anyone who knows me would probably tell you I’m a pretty happy person – for me, it doesn’t take much. I find it really easy to see the silver lining when things aren’t perfect and I often find myself overwhelmed by all of the great people, things and experiences I’ve been fortunate enough to have. For some, though, it’s not so easy – and that’s okay. Actually, today it’s a good thing because it gives me a solid reason to share this and encourage you to spend some time focusing on what you’re thankful for, all the good things – all the reasons you have to be happy.

In the very least we can all be thankful it’s Friday, right? So turn that frown upside down and get your jolly on.

Somebody will appreciate it.