I am basically paralyzed by the thoughts of preparing for the future. Not necessarily my future – because, well, let’s get real – but my kids’ future. The running list of questions and considerations I have created is beyond manageable. In fact, it’s fucking absurd. But every item on the list feels completely necessary and that is by far the worst part of the whole thing.

I currently have at least four running pros and cons lists: 1) City vs. Rural vs. Suburbia living 2) Big school vs. Small school 3) Public school vs. Private school 4) Mainland vs. Hawai’i (this one I keep in case all else fails and I stop giving any and all fucks and decide I’m going to homeschool in the tropics). I have countless things to consider: safety, diversity,  progressiveness, athletics, electives, opportunity, commutes, community attributes, other parents, school boards, school rankings, teacher to student ratios, mission statements, teacher retention, student accomodations, curriculum, parental involvement, convenience, cost of living, cost of sanity and just overall a bunch of stuff I’ve hardly ever thought of before.

My brain is bound to shrivel up and fall out of my ear if I keep this up.

How have people done this – for, like, centuries – and lived to act as though it’s easy?

Dear World,




Ask and you shall receive, right?

Well, I’ve asked and we’re going to be kicking off a new series covering a range of educational pathways and lifestyles, as told by the brave and headstrong (and relentlessly empathetic and previously, equally as confused and stressed) parents who’ve made it look so easy.

If you had an interesting or maybe a typically perfect journey to making the choice of where and how to send your kids to school or to another school or what have you, I’d love to hear more about it. If you think you have something that would be valuable to me and other parents in my shoes as well as those who will eventually be in our shoes, contact me at abbottandjune@gmail.com and let’s chat!

I’m looking at you…