Y’all. It’s a sad day in our house. Our very first family pet, Puppy, had to be put down last night. Or, more accurately, flushed down the toilet last night. Some of you might remember last year at almost this exact time (MIND BLOWING) I was uneasily unemployed and filling my days with home improvements, DIY projects and my surprisingly successful first go at potty training that I also decided to spring a trip to the pet store with the boys and buy a fish. A fish the boys would adorably and confusingly (for Abbott) name Puppy.

Over the last year Puppy became a pretty big part of our lives. His first week with us we had a scare where I thought Puppy was starving himself causing me to take an emergency trip to the pet store. When I arrived, sweating and looking lost, I could tell by their faces that I terrified the two high schoolers working in the fish section. I hurried in and blurted out ‘I think my fish is starving himself!’ and, let me tell you, that will turn some heads. Turns out, even though the food container said to feed him a couple times a day Betas only need to eat every couple days and if you leave the food in the tank to dissolve it can poison them, their stomachs can swell and they can die. This seems like information I would want to know as a Beta owner but it wasn’t. Suddenly I was enraged at the fish food company and simultaneously replaying every tiny morsel of fish food I had dropped into his small tank.

Of course Puppy survived because he was a fighter but also because our time together was meant to be.

Puppy spent his first few months or so in the boys’ bedroom where Matty would sneak off to feed him biscuits and crackers and talk to him in mostly complete sentences. Seth and I incorporated Puppy into our bedtime routine each night as if he was our third child and every night the boys would fall asleep in the glow of his fish bowl. It was great until one day Seth caught Matty swishing his small, chubby hands around in Puppy’s tank. That was the end of Puppy’s residency in the boys’ bedroom.

After this, Puppy spent his time in the living room alternating his weeks between the top of the piano and the top of the bookshelf. During this time, Seth and Puppy became very close. They spent late nights together watching Gold Rush, Netflix shows and The Godfather (seven million times). Seth talked to Puppy all of the time and he’d mutter things like, “I’m the only one who loves you, buddy” while all but pressing his nose against the tank. For awhile it seemed like Puppy is all he talked about – to the point where I was talking about it with my friends. Trust me, I know how ridiculous this sounds but he became so attached that he bought ANOTHER beta a couple of months ago. Until Puppy passed away, Seth was one more fish tank away from being a crazy Beta man.

Puppy was a beautiful fish who lived a full life. We tried to incorporate Puppy into the family as much as possible. Most recently, he DJ’d at Bot’s NYE birthday party and he was a great DJ. We will miss Puppy, he was a great first family pet and the longest thing I’ve ever kept alive other than my children though I do give a lot of credit to the stalkerish TLC Seth gave him. The boys don’t know yet, we’ll be breaking the news to them tonight. Abbott definitely won’t get it but I’m curious as to what questions (because you know there will be 12083238403847) Matty will ask. I’ll keep you posted.

RIP DJ Puppy. We’ll remember you forever and we’ll be feeling this loss for a while.

Seth and DJ Puppy playing the hits the Bot’s 70’s Disco NYE party.

It’s all about the little moments.