Broomies. Broomates. Cohabitating brothers. However you want to you say it, the boys are in it. Ever since the 4th of July weekend Abbott had been sneaking out of his room to sleep with Matty. There was just no getting around it so we decided to shack them up and turn Bot’s room into a play room (AKA toy storage). Now we’re on day five of cohabitation and so far, so good. I mean, the boys sort of look like they haven’t slept in a couple months and Abbott, today especially, is sort of acting like he’s destined be the biggest bully in the Midwest but, you know, maybe that’s par for the course?

I wish I could say Abbott is coming out of his room less after bedtime but he’s not. I wish I could say they’re quieter but they’re not. I wish I could say they’re sleeping more but they’re not. And I really wish I could say Seth and I are getting uninterrupted sleep with less visits in the middle of the night but we’re not. I’ve still woken up next to one, if not both children every morning this week.

You know what I can say though? My heart has legit melted each night for different reasons. The boys actually enjoy bedtime and, guess what? For the first time in a LONG time, so do I. Here is a brief synopsis of their first week as roomies.

Bedtime, night 1: Abbott got out of bed four times. Matty got out of bed twice. Abbott snuck into Matty’s bed twice but finally fell asleep in his bed. After seeing some flailing on the monitor, Seth went into their room to find Matty trying his hardest to make space in Abbott’s twin-sized bed for him to sleep. When Seth told him the bed was too small and he’d have to sleep in his own bed, Matty started sobbing. So, like any good dad would do, Seth tucked Matty in and then carefully moved Bot from his bed to Matty’s and tucked him in, too.

Bedtime, night two: Bot refused to sleep anywhere but Matty’s bed and the two of them proceeded to wrestle and sing-scream the Batman theme song and the Iowa fight song. Seth and I both went in there multiple times to ask them to be quiet but there’s no denying we thoroughly enjoyed overhearing their giggles across the hallway. Eventually, maybe a little over an hour later, they were both asleep – side by side in Matty’s bed.

Bedtime, night three: Abbott wanted to sleep in Matty’s bed again so after story time that’s where we left him. About 15 minutes later there we heard a piercing scream followed by hysterical crying. When I walked into the room Abbott was lying on the floor next to Matty’s bed screaming and crying and Matty was avoiding all eye contact. I picked Abbott and he was definitely trying to tell me something but I didn’t know what it was. Eventually it was obvious that Matty had literally kicked Abbott out of his bed and onto the floor. I asked Matty if Abbott could sleep with him and he said no, he didn’t want him in his bed. That was a hard moment for me; respecting one kid’s wishes while hurting the other one’s feelings. Abbott fell asleep in his bed and Matty tried “accidentally” waking him up by making weird moaning noise. Thankfully, it didn’t work.

Bedtime, night four: Abbott did not want to sleep in Matty’s bed. But neither of them were ready to go to sleep. They talked and giggled and talked and giggled. At one point they had found somehow snuck balloons into bed with them and were have a balloon fight. Seth once caught Abbott in the hallway with a balloon but at first sight of his Dad, Abbott took off into the room as fast as his tiny legs could take him. When Abbott eventually fell asleep in his own bed Matty began whining loudly about sleeping with Abbott. I tried to explain to him there was no room in Abbott’s bed, he argued that there was. The next time I went in the room I found them both asleep…

…in Abbott’s bed.

I guess there was just enough room.

I still have high hopes that this will somehow lead to more sleep for me but I have yet to logically figure out how that will happen. Once a dreamer, always a dreamer?!

And speaking of dreams – cheers to the freakin’ weekend! HOPE IT’S GREAT.