Who said the twos were terrible?!

Two is, so far – by far, my favorite age. I mean, an immobile ten-month old is pretty dreamy, too – laughing, giggling, smiling, clapping, waving, standing up, climbing and exploring all without having to worry about him out running me. Yeah, an immobile 10-month old is totally dreamy but the thing is 10-month olds don’t get a bad wrap like two-year olds do. And, quite frankly, there is just something about a hilarious, sassy, quick-witted toddler that I can’t get enough of.

Yesterday, on HALLOWEEN, I picked the boys up from school and I was super excited to tell Matty we were going to go get pumpkins to carve.

Matty, guess where we’re going?! I didn’t want to spoil the fun but I couldn’t hold it in.

We’re going to the store. Ok. Jesus. Obvious answer.

Guess what we’re going to get?!

Food! Okay….

Nope, something more special. Guess!

We’re going to get PUMPKINS! TAH-DAH!

We’re going to get pumpkins so we can carve them and put them outside!

Nooooo! FOOD. Wtf.

Well, okay, but we’re getting pumpkins.

No! We’re going to the store and get food. Sweet Jesus.

Turned out it was a good thing he wasn’t excited though because apparently there are no good pumpkins left anywhere on Halloween – there are only ugly gourds (shocker). Next year, we’ll plan better.

The other night I took Matty to the store with me to get groceries and as we walked into the aisle to checkout, I remembered I was supposed to get some beef jerky for Seth. There wasn’t any in our aisle so I hopped two over, leaving Matty with the cart, to grab a bag. When I re-emerged out of the aisle to walk back to our cart, Matheson was kneeling in the middle of the store immersed in an AutaBuy catalog. I quickly ushered him back into our aisle where he continued flipping through the “book”. Five dollars later, it was his. Parent saving tip: There is something similar called Auto-Trader and apparently it’s free. I learned this after getting the “dad look” from Seth when he found out I paid five WHOLE dollars for the Autabuy.

Matty loves his Autabuy like my grandpa loves breakfast at Hardee’s and I find it hilariously cute. He’s like a tiny old man.

Matty is obsessed with the idea of his “birthday party” and, to him, every party is his birthday party. He thought his Halloween party was his birthday party, everything we buy for any party is for his birthday party and any mention of party is – obviously – in relation to his birthday, a concept he has yet to even understand. But I hope he never figures it all out because, to me, there are few things more adorably ridiculous than a child confusing national holiday celebrations with their birthday parties.

Last Friday when he woke up, the morning of his Halloween party, I heard Matty yell from his room.

I ‘wake! I ‘wake, Mama! 

YAY! It’s Halloween party day!


There is nothing better than a morning with Matty. He’s started waking us up by yelling “WAKE UP, MAMA! WAKE UP, DADA!” or when he isn’t sure if he should, he’ll tiptoe in and whisper “You ‘wake, Mama? You ‘wake?” Every morning he’s awake before Abbott and he can hear him in his room, he’ll pop up, yell “ABBOTT’S ‘WAKE!” and take off for Bot’s room. “You ‘wake, Abbott? Abbott, you ‘wake?!” and reach his long skinny arms between the bars to touch his face or tickle his tummy.

Saturday after leaving the zoo I thanked Matty for coming with me. To which he responded, “Thank you, Mama. Thank you for going to zoo with me.” in the sweetest, exhausted voice ever.

One day last week when I picked him up from school he ran to me with the biggest smile, jumped into my arms, grabbed my face and said, “You here, mama?!” And then, obviously, my heart melted and I had to hide my happy tears from his teachers.


If two-year olds are terrible, I don’t want to know what’s great because my heart is already exploding from all the tremendousness…ergh, terribleness?

Tremendous Two