I haven’t really had the time to celebrate my favorite season – the college football season. So, I’m going to dedicate this post to the Hawkeye fans in my life – thinking of you fondly as I explain why college football season is THE BEST SEASON.

Go early, ugly. Tailgating is what dreams are made of.

Is there anything better than waking up, getting dressed without caring what you look like and knowing the only plans you have for the day are drinking, eating, playing games that usually entail more drinking and cheering with your favorite people?? UM, NO. Ok, maybe there are a couple things but NOT VERY MANY! I mean, the fall weather, the sweatshirts, the bloody marys, the mimosas, the hot toddies, the flippy cup, the beer pong, the ridiculous outfits, the music. The EVERYTHING.

I wanna hold your hand.

Let’s be serious, there is something magical about coming together for a few months every year and feeling that special camaraderie with strangers near and far. There is something special about the ease of bonding with fellow fans – despite socio economic status, intoxication level, gender and age. It’s magical belonging to something, having something to count down to and reuniting like old friends every September. It’s magical, it’s special, it’s what the world needs. It’s that little bit of warmth, excitement and anxiousness we can’t help but love.

It doesn’t actually matter at all, and that’s fucking awesome.

Does the outcome of the game really matter? (Not if you’re a Hawkeye, because win or lose we still booze 👏) Does this year’s record really matter in the scheme of life? In the scheme of what’s going on in the world? NOPE. AND IT’S FUCKING AWESOME. For three hours every Saturday, I get to focus on someone else’s achievements and mistakes. I get to celebrate when they score a touchdown or win a game and ask how in the fuck they missed the FG attempt when that’s they’re only job (Don’t worry Koehn, you’re exempt thanks to the 57 yard field goal you made last year – TWICE) And then when the game is over, I get to move on with my life because the game I love, though I love it, has literally ZERO impact on my accomplishments or my day-to-day life. Sometimes distractions are just what the doctor ordered and even when they’re not – I’m a firm believer they’re necessary every now and then, so fuck it.

The philanthropic alumnus

You know how much money I’ve given back to the university and the community since enrolling in and graduating from Iowa just because of football? My mom would say TOO DAMN MUCH and I would say NOT ENOUGH – THANK YOU HAWKEYES for giving me something I can really get behind every year :).

In conclusion…

Oh yeah, did I mention I got married one week ago today?? 😉

And oh yeah, remember that time Iowa went 12-0 with a final win over Nebraska? I was OOBER pregs and frozen to my core but it was THE BEST.