As I’ve probably mentioned before, my boys go to a great childcare center but I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it’s in the basement of a Lutheran church. Probably not, as neither Seth or I are outwardly religious, let alone, devoted to any one religion. I’m, as cliché as it sounds, a believer in just doing good, being good and loving as much as you can. I believe in a higher power and universal fates if you will but I don’t go to church every Sunday – or ever. I was raised Lutheran but once I was confirmed, it was my choice whether I continued to go to church every Sunday or not. Obviously, I did not. We went for Christmas and Easter but outside of that it was hit or miss. When I left to venture out on my own after high school, going to church was never a priority for me. In fact, it wasn’t until I became pregnant with Matty that I was forced to re-evaluate my position – not because I felt it was wrong but because I really wanted to enroll him in this semi-religious childcare center for reasons outside of the religious aspect and I needed to be sure of my stance. And because Seth considers himself an Atheist.

We decided if they were going to learn about the bible young, we’d’d rather them learn it now through a transparent curriculum. We’d rather have the ability to control the conversation rather than wait until later and run the risk of not having any idea how it’s being taught and possibly unattached to how our kids are interpreting it. Over the past two years, we’ve gotten to watch as our boys learn songs – some more churchy than others, learn lessons of goodness- some based on stories and characters from the bible and participate in Vacation Bible School once a summer. And until today, nothing has stood out to make me extra grateful the boys are getting those experiences or learning those lessons but, then again, two years ago I could have never predicted 2016 would turn out to be such tumultuous year for this country.

Earlier today on Facebook, the boys’ school posted pictures of the children praying with a couple of local police officers who had been attended a special prayer day the church was hosting for the community. Afterward, the officers volunteered to drive their cars down to the school and visit with each class. For some reason, I was moved to near tears by the pictures. This country is out of control and those kids have no idea. But as I went to click the “Love” button I stopped myself and looked at the viewing permissions on the picture. I wanted to “love” the picture as I sat there with tears in my eyes but I wondered what this would say to those I’m friends with and those who follow me. I didn’t want to deal with the bullshit people who would inevitably think, “why aren’t they praying with a black family” or “where’s the picture of those kids praying with a black man” or “oh, look at all the white kids praying with the white police officer – how convenient“. I didn’t want to “love” the picture and allow people to assume I’m making a statement, opening the door for assholes to be assholes because they have nothing better to do.

But you know what? That’s part of what’s fucking wrong with this country right now. A lot of naïve souls have yet to understand how you can be pro black lives and pro police because they refuse to. And as nation, we have to stop generalizing and categorizing and isolating every single thing we see and read. Everyone needs to stop looking for a reason to be pissed off. I mean, go read an article that has nothing to do with anything and read the comments – people love to hate.

So, here are a bunch of children praying for the safety of our police officers and, in turn, our community. If you see something wrong with this, maybe you should readjust the light in which you see and read because looking for the negative and reading with a bitter light all the time has to be miserable – No?


Be a 💡.


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