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My Babe is Talking

This week my 21 month old, AKA my 1.5 year old, started talking. And I’m not talking about words, I’m talking about conversations, understanding what I’m saying and formulating appropriate (and fucking adorable) responses. I’ve never spent much time thinking about how many fundamentals there are to having a simple conversation until Matty started doing it. Suddenly, I’m thinking about all of the aspects of having a conversation – the fact that he knows the difference between yes or no questions versus open-ended questions is…MIND BLOWN. The fact that he can decode a series of words that he can’t actually put together himself yet is…MIND BLOWN.

Here is how my (hold. your. breath) FIRST EVER conversation with my first born went:

Me: Matty, did you have dinner?

Matty: Yeah.

Me: What did you have?

Matty: Um. Bocli.

Me: Was it good?

Matty: Yeah.

Me: What else did you have?

Matty: Cookie.

Me: What else?

Matty: Yeah. Grilled chez.

Lip quivering. Tears forming.

Seth: Stop talking to him and asking him things if you don’t want to cry!


He also said “Bless you, Mama” with a mouth full of mac and cheese when I sneezed during dinner on Sunday and…

Is Parenthood Where Creativity Goes to Die?

I read this article yesterday about parenthood and creativity and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. In summary, it struggles to identify if parenthood is where creativity goes to die. The author (who seems to be looking for a reason to feel unsettled – as, in my opinion, most writers do because some of the best writers were) seems to believe it is but has a hard time pinpointing why. It’s a very long read and I have mixed reviews but it ends (of course) with a quote that really resonated.

“Here’s the thing. Despite everything, I have to say that having the kids grew me up in a way nothing else could have. … And now I’m working on a novel that I love and it feels like the kids gave me that by remaking me … and also by teaching me not to fear pain so much, to understand, experientially, that pain and joy are inextricably linked. That all the priorities we get handed by our culture are basically bullshit. And that we are not in control. That’s one of the major things parenting is teaching me, the balance between letting go in writing and practicing craft, the balance between being ferocious with my imagination and rigorous in my practice. Shape and chaos. Learning to shape chaos.”

National Park Week

It’s soon-to-be National Park Week and The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. National Park Week means free admission at every park and a lot of different events. If you’re fortunate to have one nearby and the time to spare, find your park and make the most.

Birthday Bey

Matty will be two in June (WHAT?!) and I’ve been casually thinking about his birthday party. As you should already know, I LOVE BIRTHDAYS – I want his to be perfect and grand and all the things he deserves which, if I obsess enough, shouldn’t be an issue…or so I think until I see things like this. Sorry Matty, your mom (contrary to your current belief) is not Beyoncé – I mean we’re, like, almost the same person just not exactly the same.

What a life, right? 

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