Today is the day, for those who don’t know or care to know who Chris Stapleton is, so be it but I DO KNOW AND I DO CARE AND I AM SO EXCITED. I’m fully prepared to cry like a loser and squeal like a teenager and drink whiskey like my Dad.

Here, let’s just prep together with a little Chris magic….

Um ok, thanks for making me cry and having a beautiful voice and coupling it with an important cause.Oh, Chris.

Oh, hi, you’re a not a rare gem at all.

We get it, you’re a little talented.

And you have friends in low places…okay.

OH AND YOUR WIFE IS OKAY…And by okay I obviously mean, also not at all a rare gem.



Shout out to our friends who are graciously watching our babes and, of course, to mother nature for showing up and deciding to make it bearable outside. DREAMS DO COME TRUE, YOU GUYS. HERE I COME, CHRIS!