This morning as people go back and forth about whether or not they believe the Girl Scouts should participate in the inaugural parade, something they’ve done since 1917, I’d just like to remind everybody that traditions should never keep you from doing what’s right or for standing up for yourselves.

This isn’t an attack on the Girl Scouts because they can do whatever and as far as I gathered, it’s each individual girls’ choice to participate, and that’s fine. This is simply a reminder that just because you always have, doesn’t mean you always should. Shit changes. You might have grown up reading the Bible and being told it’s not okay to be gay and maybe you’ve always fought to keep marriage between a woman and a man because that’s just what you were always told. But you could wake up one day and decide you actually don’t give a fuck how other people live their lives because it has absolutely nothing to do with you and maybe everyone deserves to love whoever and be happy (radical concept, I know) – should you A) continue to live as though they aren’t worthy of the same rights you are? or B) go about your fucking business and support their rights because it’s the actual godly thing to do and you’ve seen the light?

You could have grown up in a predominantly white town, constantly telling racist jokes with your friends, using racial slurs because they were funny and just being a total dickbag but then gone off to college, sprouted a brain and realized all of those black folk you’ve been degrading the whole time actually make up a pretty decent portion of the population and that they’re kind and smart and (prepare for your mind to be blownjust like you. Would you A) continue to be a racist dumbass because you always have and it’s no big deal? or B) pull your head out of you ass, smell the 21st century and start loving everybody for who they are rather than what they are?

Geesh, I hope it’s B.

Now, I know that those were really obvious and semi-ridiculous examples but tradition and “I always have” are no reason to keep you from being happy or being who you are or doing the right thing or standing up for what’s right. It is the biggest pet-peeve of mine when people say, “that’s how I was raised” or “I’ve always done it” or “it’s always been like that”. DUDES. Time passes, things change, people change, minds change – don’t cling to what was at the expense of doing or being better and especially not at the expense of making the world a better place to be. It’s called progression.