It’s Monday. And while I’m here, I’m not really here. Over the weekend I heard the sun wasn’t forecasted to come out for the next ten days – so far, that prediction is true. BUT the best part of me not being all here on a Monday is that the rest of the internet is ROMPING and my mind is processing thoughts better than it is actual writing – so here are some of the better things I’ve absorbed today.

As someone who grew up singing and someone whose soul would die without music, I believe the benefits of music and musical involvement for a child’s development can’t be argued. I have a disabling sense of stage fright which is unfortunate because I was probably always a way better singer than I have or will ever credit myself for but music has gotten me through a lot and it’s also taken me a lot of places — it’s taken me across the world through seven different countries, to college in Hawai’i and even landed me at Carnegie Hall. My love for music encouraged me to pick up the guitar and learn the basics of “tickling those ivories”. It worked in my favor that I had a bit of a natural ability but I would hate to think if I didn’t, I would have been discouraged from participating, auditioning or learning. If you think you can’t sing or if you have ever found yourself wishing you could or that your kids were a little better – read this and stop obsessing over natural talent.

I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned it in A+J but I’m gluten free. I know, I know Insert eye-roll here. But I’ve been GF for probably sevenish years now so technically, I beat the trend. I was having a bunch of stomach issues but was mostly sick of my stomach mortifyingly sounding like a freight train was running through the office every day after lunch, so I started eliminating things from my diet. When I went gluten free, surprisingly much easier than I expected, I felt better, I didn’t have any more stomach issues and my complexion was even better. Nowadays, it feels like everyone is gluten free (and it’s way easier to be) but there’s that annoying camp of people who, for whatever reason, act as though the food you eat is their business and are extremely annoyed by anyone who is GF. They act like they don’t believe you and like it’s the most god-forsaken thing in the world to be. I came across this article this morning and then later read Starbucks would start having GF and vegan food options. I’m happy to see the research going into and the additional efforts from companies to include GF items – even if it is triggered by a trend. And, of course, happy to have something to back up my argument that you don’t have to have celiacs to benefit from being GF.

I read this and I’m still not sure how I feel about it but it did make me think a little bit. I always find myself over communicating with the boys, like that time last week I tried explaining the difference between minor injuries and severe injuries to Matheson in hopes of him gaining a sense of the gray area between pushing his brother over and running into oncoming traffic. It’s safe to say, he’s too young for those sorts of conversations but I was glad I wasn’t the only mom struggling with that.

I’m still confused how a ten year old wearing leggings is offensive or can be bound to know what is “proper” attire to uphold the reputation of your airlines. It’s annoying to say the least. But, hey, at least there’s scientific proof your cat loves you – if you’re a cat person. Which, for the record, I am not.

Now, back to where I was…