Do you all listen to podcasts? I’ve recently gotten really into them. I mean, of course, like the rest of the world, I listened to Serial and S-Town but other than that I’ve stayed out of the podcast game. Everyone seems to have a podcast so finding ones I like seemed daunting but I’ve been trying hard to find some really gems.

Along my journey, which has solely taken place on Spotify, I’ve accidentally stumbled into a Podcast called ‘Drunks and Dragons’ which I quickly (but admittedly not quick enough) realized was a weird podcast about some online computer game – I think? They were talking about a convention and taking shots of balsamic vinegar and we all have our limits so, I stopped. And I’ve also found I – very much to my own dismay – have a strong aversion to a lot of women’s podcast voices. The exceptions to this aversion were – of course – Oprah and  Katie Couric – and then, oddly, Jillian Michaels (but I am secretly a Jillian Michaels fan girl so I guess it makes sense?). But despite my setbacks, I did find a few podcast gems and in case you’re like me, new to the podcast game, here they are:

  1. Modern Love is a podcast by The New York Times that recruits actors and famous figures to read others’ essays and stories of love, loss and redemption, and then invites the authors to discuss their work afterward. It might sound boring but let me tell you, the first one I listened to was called From He to She in First Grade, an essay read by Jennifer Beals and I cried. These essays are well-written and, as a collection, they tell the story of what love looks like in 2018. It’s such a beautiful podcast and they’re short, falling within the range of 16 – 28 minutes, so they’re also super easy to keep up with.
  2. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations is basically a podcast version of the Oprah show and it’s amazing. I mean, obviously, right? It’s a handpicked collection of Oprah’s interviews she’s had with amazing people across a variety of specialties. If you love Oprah like I love Oprah, you’ll love this podcast – because, really, what’s not to love? Side Note: If you’re an Oprah fan, you should also listen to Goop’s first podcast where she is the guest – I’m not a Goop believer but it’s entirely worth suffering through Gwyneth Paltrow’s voice for the enlightening factor.
  3. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard is Dax Shepard talking to celebrities in an unfinished area of his garage attic and I have to say, I think Dax’s voice was made for the radio. You know I love Dax and Kristen, they are my dream couple so this was a homerun for me. The first episode I listened to was with Jimmy Kimmel and of course that was funny (how could it not be?). But then, I listened to his first episode because Kristen was his guest and it was SO interesting and dreamy in a really realistically marital way. I was hooked. If you’re looking for something chill and humorous that doesn’t require 100% of your attention, this might be it.
  4. My Favorite Murder is hilarious but also unreal. It’s two women who tell their favorite crime stories and then read others’ crime and murder stories as well with a healthy amount of swear words and humor. It’s fun; some of the stories are crazy and hard to believe but it’s pretty good. This week’s episode told the wildest story about a boy falling in a sand dune and I don’t want to spoil it but you should listen to it because it’s like the perfect ice breaker, bar trick (if a story could be a bar trick?).
  5. The Jillian Michaels Show is exactly what you’d think it is. If, like me, you ever watched her reality show (no shame) and loved it, you’ll love this. Her and her friends talk about health things, diet fads, fitness stuff, parenthood and a bunch of other stuff with complete bluntness and sans filter. It’s fun and hilarious and doesn’t require a ton of attention.

In addition to these, there are a few honorary podcast mentions: Freakonomics, Two Dope Queens, Girlboss Radio and Katie Couric.

What podcasts are you listening to?! I MUST KNOW.